Tesla Model 3 with the largest number of men > teslamag.de

Tesla Model 3 with the largest number of men > teslamag.de

A survey of German car buyers at the beginning of 2020 already showed that those who like Tesla are men above average – according to the market research company Puls, it should be 83 percent. The comparison site has now looked at how the gender ratio looks in the case of special insurance policies. And it came to the conclusion that no other car has as many men as the Tesla Model 3.

Model Tesla 3 85% for men

In 85 percent of all insurance taken out for the Model 3, the customer was male, reported this week the portal Verivox, which compares the situation to this, among other things. Tesla would be followed by the BMW 5 Series, Audi Allroad Quattro and Skoda Superb, each with 83 percent male. All in all, according to Verivox, the top ten include top horse models and mostly male customers.

In general, men are clearly represented when it comes to car insurance in Germany according to an analysis of 100 common examples: they are said to make 66 percent of contracts on the comparison portal. However, his report does not say the period in which the information is related. However, the data should return for a long time, because, for example, the Tesla Model Y, which has been available in Germany since last summer, does not appear in it.

Fiat 500 small cars ahead among women

In addition to fast cars like the Model 3, according to Verivox, men prefer SUVs and upper-middle-class cars. For women, on the other hand, it seems to be smaller and smaller cars: Only these classes were represented in the top 10 of those cars that were most often insured by women at the gate. In this regard, the Fiat 500 can be considered the most feminine of all, with 64 percent of the women’s segment. After all, it is also available as an electric car – which recorded the highest number of new registrations in Germany this June, ahead of the Tesla Model Y.