Tesla Model Y among weekly rental deals

Tesla Model Y among weekly rental deals

Cheap versions
Tesla Model Y among weekly rental deals

Looking for a new car? If you don’t want to take out a big loan for a new car, leasing is a cheaper alternative. Here are the best deals for personal and commercial use.

It’s no secret that new cars lose value quickly. Advantage for leasing customers: the car is only returned to the dealer after the agreed time and you only pay the monthly payment, not the full purchase price. This can save thousands of euros in terms of total costs and maintenance. Of course, renting is also problematic, but it is worth checking the offers for private and business customers from time to time. In collaboration with ntv car rental we’ve put together the best deals of the week.

Important: Some versions are very popular and are not available in unlimited quantities.

Lease plan 1: Volvo XC60 for business customers

A Swede with lots of energy and a great personality is now available at Leasingtime. However, the plan is aimed at technicians and craft businesses, and a delivery time of nine months has also been specified for the car to be ordered. If you’re patient, you can get a diesel SUV with a reversing camera, a high-performance sound system and a large display for just under 285 euros a month. The XC60 runs from 0 to 100 km/h in just 8.3 seconds, which is impressive for an SUV. Also good: The total cost of this rental plan is less than 8,000 euros.

>> Lease for 24 months, 10,000 km per year

Equipment details:

  • LED lamp “Thor’s Hammer”
  • Engine power of 190 hp
  • Front and rear parking assist

Lease plan 2: Fiat 500e for private and business customers

With its electric drive, this cute little speedster is perfect as an everyday car for the city. But the trip in the surrounding area is not a problem either, because the battery capacity is enough for a distance of 190 km according to the manufacturer. In terms of equipment, the agile minivan in arctic white boasts a 10.25-inch touchscreen and DAB digital radio, among other things. The car has a Mode 3 charging cable. The service provider GuteRate says the delivery time is about 5 months. Speaking of rates: The price is 159 euros per month.

>> Lease for 24 months, 5,000 km per year

Equipment details:

  • Smartphone integration is possible
  • DAB+ digital radio reception
  • Connect 5 infotainment system

Lease plan 3: Renault Austral for private and business customers

Renault Austral is the successor of the Katjar model. Renault relies on a hybrid system for the car. A 1.3l R4 petrol engine works under the bonnet in collaboration with a belt-driven starter generator and a 12 volt on-board network that produces 140 hp. ADAC was allowed to take a test drive and praised the very comfortable chassis, plenty of space and elegant design. Austral can currently be pre-ordered at a rate of 198.98 euros per month. Easily configurable, standard equipment includes the OpenR link infotainment system with 9″ touchscreen, smartphone connectivity, 12.3″ digital driver display, all-LED Pure Vision headlights and multi more. Austral is expected to be available in May 2023.

>> Lease over 60 months, 10,000 km per year

Equipment details:

  • It can be easily configured
  • Full LED Headlights Clear Vision
  • Heated front seats

Lease plan 4: Tesla Model Y for business customers

When it comes to electric car quality, Tesla has set the bar high for the competition. Cars are considered reliable, they are also chic – but they are expensive. That’s where a good rental deal comes in. Getyourdrive is leasing the Model Y Standard Range with an all-inclusive package for business customers from 652 euros per month, with delivery scheduled for 2022. The all-inclusive package includes, among other things, the provision of a replacement vehicle in the event of a workshop visit, service and repairs and maintenance, replacement of summer tires and winter tires.

>> Lease over 60 months, 10,000 km per year

Equipment details:

  • High quality sound system
  • a large stained glass roof
  • Parking assistance and reversing camera

Lease plan 5: BMW M440i xDrive for private and business customers

Sports car fans will get their money’s worth with this offer. A BMW convertible can be rented from 585 euros per month. It is an order car with freely configurable equipment and a delivery time of 7 months. However, the rental rate of 585 includes a discount of 40 euros, which is only approved with third-party products. A top speed of 250 km/h is then possible on the first jaunt next summer. According to the manufacturer, the car goes from 0 to 100 km / h in less than 5 seconds. Hair flies in the wind!

>> Lease for 48 months, 10,000 km per year

Equipment details:

  • freely configurable
  • M sports suspension
  • 8-speed automatic transmission

It is worth watching the offers on ntv Autoleasing because the offers are updated regularly. With a wide selection of cars, there should be something to suit every taste and need.