Tesla Model Y damaged by hail for 3100 euros > teslamag.de

Tesla Model Y damaged by hail for 3100 euros > teslamag.de

While on vacation in Italy with his still young Tesla Model Y this summer, our author not only realized that traveling in an electric car is still not easy without trying to use the supercharger network: In Tuscany, the Tesla ended up in the middle of August also experienced a hailstorm strong, fortunately standing, but largely defenseless. Parts up to the size of a golf ball were left thick around the Model Y, which is hard to see in the photo above but impossible to miss in reality. Back home, it is now known that the repair should cost only 3100 euros – which has not yet been confirmed.

A round Y model with 100 hail dents

Fortunately the weather was not so lucky: the windows of the Model Y were not damaged – the strongest hail attack on the Model 3 in Canada around the same time had a very different result. Only the metal parts of our car made in China were affected. Dents remained on all the metal components, including the moldings around the windows. Our Model Y is insured by having a workshop. The day after the storm, we reported the damage by phone and emailed photos. A friendly clerk shared the following steps: First, an expert opinion had to be prepared, which someone would contact us by phone. Then a renovation or financial plan can follow.

A day later, the appraiser actually called to make an appointment. Just six days after the damage, he was able to inspect the Model Y, which took about 30 minutes. In the report, he lists 100 dents spread throughout the car. All damage should be repaired for less than 3100 euros. However, the condition is that all repairs are carried out without painting. The dents should only be pulled again. Probably because of the workshop relationship, the appraiser also set an hourly rate of 73.50 euros, which is low for Tesla.

Tesla’s body shop handles repairs

What surprised us: Regarding the back rock, which was hit hard, the expert said that the effect of hail on the back edge of the tear can cause a problem – this area is difficult to correct without filling and painting. The local workshop must decide here. But there is nothing in the report about it. The expert did not even want to mention in the conversation whether the flap can be completely saved. The impact spreads over a width of more than 50 cm, which makes it doubtful whether their circumference can be accurately reconstructed.

After the report arrived by e-mail, another clerk called us. He asked if we wanted to be compensated for the damage or if we wanted to repair it. What is the benefit of payment? The calculated amount will be transferred directly without sales tax and you can then sell the damaged, foreclosed Model Y for less than the insurance paid for. Given the fact that Tesla’s delivery times are difficult to calculate, we prefer to put it, that is, manufactured. What’s more, our Model Y doesn’t end up in a cheap workshop because of the mission to keep costs down: As we were pleased to learn, repairs have to be done at a Tesla-authorized agency shop in Leipzig.