Tesla Model Y in China with limited innovation > teslamag.de

Tesla Model Y in China with limited innovation > teslamag.de

There are no model years in the narrow sense at Tesla, because inventions such as a the longest battery of the Model Y Series in Europe this January be introduced when they are ready. However, towards the end of the year, the name is changed to the next year, which can also be accompanied by a change. 2023 is no exception, as it is now reported for the Model Y from China: the popular electric car has been manufactured there with better rear seats since the beginning of October.

Long rear seat section in Model Y

This was reported on Monday CnEVPost blog citing Chinese sources. Accordingly, since mid-October, the surface of the rear seat of all Model Ys from Tesla’s internal Gigafactory has been 3 centimeters higher than before. This should better support the legs of the passengers in the back row and reduce the symptoms of fatigue, according to the document introducing this innovation.

Much of what is being produced at the Giga Factory in China these days is likely to be exported – at least based on the quarterly supply so far, which Tesla claims to soften regionally to want So the Model Y from China, which will be presented in Europe from mid-November, should also have a more comfortable rear seat. Model Y modifications from Tesla’s German factory can also be expected soon.

Tesla’s rear door and emergency release

It may even have happened unnoticed. According to CnEVPost, the second Model Y innovation from China has now been announced that, according to Tesla, has been available in the West for some time: the manual emergency opening of the rear doors. This is located under a cover marked with a red lock on the door shelf and can be removed in the event of a power failure (see figure above). For Information in the German guide This was the case with the Model Y from Fremont since the beginning of August and with those from China since mid-September.