Tesla Model Y wins and Toyota Corolla, is the most purchased car in the world in Q1 2023 [JATO Dynamics]

Tesla Model Y wins and Toyota Corolla, is the most purchased car in the world in Q1 2023 [JATO Dynamics]

According to JATO Dynamics calculations, in the first quarter of 2023, the Tesla Model Y was the best-selling car in Europe AND worldwide. It even surpassed the Toyota Corolla. So it took less than half a year for Elon Musk’s prediction that the Model Y would actually be the car of choice to come true. Tesla’s boss gave this theory in August 2022, during a meeting with the manufacturer’s shareholders.

Tesla Model Y has already swept

JATO Dynamics collected data from 53 international markets as well as estimated sales of various models in countries that do not make it easy to obtain registration information (eg in Ukraine, sales are calculated based on concluded contracts). It was estimated that 267,200 Tesla Model Y were sold worldwide in the first quarter of 2023, an increase of 69 percent year-on-year. Model Y performed well in all key markets (US, China) and was number 1 in Europe – regardless of the type of car used.

The second was the Toyota Corolla (+Levin and other variants), for years the most popular passenger car in the world, which reached the level of 256,400 units sold. In China, it fell by 29 percent, in the United States by 10 percent The Toyota Hilux finished third (214,700 copies), the fourth was Toyota Rav4 (all editions; 211,000 copies), fifth place Toyota Camry (166,200 copies).

The dominance of Toyota as a brand in the TOP5 is amazing, but it is difficult to say whether the Japanese concern is satisfied with it. Even as cars achieve record volumes, Tesla offers higher margins on its cars. In the third quarter of 2022, Tesla posted higher profits than Toyota, although it sold seven times fewer cars. Even with Tesla’s recent price cuts, you only need to sell about a quarter of what Toyota makes to make good money. And cars are just the beginning of the road, there are payments, services, services.

Note from the editorial office of Elektrowóz: our calculations for the third quarter of 2022 turned out to be so encouraging that they were repeated by Business Insider, but with a mistake (“about eight times profit”, see. HERE) Always, we would like to thank all the media for fully using Elektrowoz and carefully reading the comments of its Readers (see the end of the article, eg HERE 😉

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