Tesla: Note because of the increase in temperature for Ryzen APUs

Tesla: Note because of the increase in temperature for Ryzen APUs

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Tesla had switched technology in its cars to the Ryzen APU and is now very warm under certain conditions. 130,000 types of all classes must go to workshops to improve temperature control.

Tesla is forced to remember its cars because the CPU can overheat. 130,000 designs have been compromised which are based on Ryzen APUs. The problem goes through a whole range of models, from Model X and Model S of 2021 and 2022 as well as Model 3 and Model Y of 2022 – the latter only benefit from the fact that technological improvements were introduced. a little later. Apparently, Tesla reduced the waste temperature from Ryzen APUs – previously Intel Atom CPUs were used.

This is a problem for Tesla, because key security systems are controlled through the APU and then the authorities usually intervene quickly – in the USA, for example, NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration), which has now made restitution necessary. . Temperature problems are reported to occur when Tesla is on a high-speed charger or running when the battery is charged.

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Tesla: Note because of the increase in temperature for Ryzen APUs (0)

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Finally, the built-in cooling capacity is not sufficient under certain load conditions. If one of the conditions mentioned occurs, the liquid cooler is already busy with the battery, which is always given priority and then is no longer sufficient for the APU, which is in the same cooling cycle. Defects in “infotainment”, in Tesla the central control point is something more, should not be expected, but there are reports that the APU shrinks when the temperature is too high, which makes the operation a test of endurance; or it turns itself off completely when it is very calm.

“Delayed CPU or reboot can block the center screen from showing the rear camera image, gear selection, front-screen control settings and warning lights, and increase the risk of an accident.” The placement of modern cars is becoming a problem here – not just for Tesla. More and more important functionality is run through infotainment. For Tesla customers, however, it can be annoying to focus on memorable. Eleven this year and at the end of last year half a million cars were affected by problems with rear cameras and trunk covers. This year, among other things, interior heating and window defrosting were affected. The repatriation will be announced in the United States in July. Meanwhile, Tesla has released an update that improves Ryzen’s CPU heat management. It remains to be seen whether the models sold in Germany will also find reference to this problem; Owners will be notified if they can Activity list see in Germany.

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