Tesla now has 800 Supercharger sites in Europe> teslamag.de

Tesla now has 800 Supercharger sites in Europe> teslamag.de

According to observers, Tesla alone on Wednesday opened four charger stations in France with a total of 104 V3 charging stations, and a new stage was reached on Thursday: another was opened in Avignon, France, 800 in Europe. company via email. The latest supercharger (see photo) offers 28 Tesla charging stations, bringing the total number in Europe to nearly 9,000. The newest in France still do not seem to be among them, but at the same time more than one of the four Supercharger locations in Europe can. also used by electric vehicles from others to use the product.

More chargers for each Tesla area

Six new opportunities in France this week already indicate that Tesla is increasingly focusing on size. When the company reported about 15 months ago that the Supercharger network in Europe has now grown to 600 stations, each station having an average of 10 stations. That was already more than most other operators. Tesla’s averages are now more than vertical Supercharger columns per area, and of the six new ones in France, five even have at least 20 charging stations.

So Tesla is preparing for a larger crowd at its European headquarters, which is still largely unused. This should also be attributed to the fact that more and more of them are also unlocked for third-party electric vehicles. The launch was announced a long time ago by Tesla CEO Elon Musk and then launched exactly last November in the Netherlands. In mid-June, it gradually reached Germany along with other countries. With the help of Tesla software, you can charge almost any electric car for free main chargers, where the price per kilowatt hour without registration is higher than your own brand.

Wide opening for foreign electric vehicles

In early mid-May, Tesla was Europe’s largest operator of the CCS vertical column for everyone with at least 150 kilowatts of energy due to the slow release of chargers in eight countries by then. The number of open spaces was released at about 200 at the time, and with the opening of the section in Germany and four other countries in mid-June, two dozen good ones were added. This means that at least one in four of Tesla’s 800 charging stations in Europe can now be used for other electric vehicles. In the case of a number of specific clusters, the ratio may be even higher because multi-channel charging stations are preferred.