Tesla presents Grünheide expansion plans

Tesla presents Grünheide expansion plans

At an event over the weekend, Tesla announced its current plans to expand the Grünheide plant by 100 hectares. A cargo center as well as equipment and storage areas will be built there to accommodate more parts on the site than before.

Tesla had already initiated the expansion process itself in May 2022. At that time, requests were made to initiate the development plan procedure for only 100 hectares. Along with the new equipment areas, the infrastructure of the site is obviously not only to be expanded, but to be simplified at the same time. Twelve pairs of trains per day should transport completed cars and deliver equipment. A training center and a kindergarten are also planned.

Tesla also announced that from spring 2023, the new Erkner shuttle train will go directly to the factory premises – up to 40 times a day, with 400 passengers per train. The Tesla-sponsored railway (550 meters of new track) is intended to reduce existing trains such as the RE 1. The company also announced plans to save water. A closed cycle should be achieved for the so-called water process.

Tesla says that during the problems of the international supply chain and also because of the war in Ukraine, the usual equipment of the time of the automobile industry is no longer possible. Therefore, additional equipment and storage space is required. But: The expansion to include a separate cargo warehouse was already planned before Russian troops invaded Ukraine. However, Tesla now seems to assume that supply chains will remain fragile.


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In order for Tesla to implement the plans, which have now been announced to the public, changes in the development plan are necessary. According to reports, the municipal council in Grünheide will make a decision on this on September 29, ie about two and a half weeks. The first vote, which was scheduled after the petition in May, was canceled at that time. According to “Tagesspiegel”, approval is now “on the brink.” “Teslamag”, on the other hand, reports that the mayor of Grünheide Arne Christiani, who was also present at the news event in Hangelsberg on Sunday, does not expect a vote. in September.

It is not yet known exactly when Tesla will start producing batteries in Grünheide. But it should start “soon”, for now the internal work is probably still in progress. In terms of car manufacturing, there will soon be an official announcement that 2,000 Model Ys per week will be exceeded. As reported, Tesla wants to start a third shift at Grünheide this year.
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