Tesla rejects the condition of the customer trailer – because the original part does not exist

Tesla rejects the condition of the customer trailer – because the original part does not exist

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UK Tesla customer unable to use trailer mode due to ‘wrong’ towbar. However, the original part is not available

Modern cars are now computers on four wheels. Not least because of the many driving assistants and functions that are intended to facilitate autonomous driving. In the test, Tesla’s automation did nothing here, and the American company is also stupid with its software, as the Brit now had to discover.

Scott Helme wanted to buy a trailer package program (Trailer) for his Model Y, but it didn’t work out. Problem: Brit had his electric car without a Tesla trailer hitch, but with a third-party product. However, this is not an option for trailer mode because it was not installed by Tesla.

A Tesla driver from the UK was unable to enable Trailer Mode due to a reset trailer error. (icon image).

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Tesla denies customer trailer status – due to fatal trailer malfunction

Helme wrote on Twitter that he had the conclusion of the trailer modified by a reliable company. For Tesla However, that was not enough, as the recovery connection, as an unofficial addition, brought risks, as Briton explained to the online portal. Save say.

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“I can find no indication anywhere that a hitch is needed,” Helme explained. “How is anyone supposed to know that? Not that it in any way justifies their behavior, but that’s still a terrible way to treat consumers.”

Tesla denies customer trailer situation – Model X owners are also affected

But that’s not all: The Tesla trailer hitch required for the trailer package is currently unavailable. When asked by Helme, the American company explained that “a limitation in the supply of microprocessors” was the reason. A remarkable detail when you consider that the trailer hitch is made entirely of stainless steel. Additionally, the trailer kit has not been available to order in the UK for some time Save information.

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So if you want to equip your Model X or Model Y with a trailer hitch, you’re looking for a pipe. According to Tesla, trailer mode must be activated. A look at the Tesla Motors Club forum shows that Helme is not alone with the problem. There, a Model X owner is reporting the same problem. However, some users have reportedly been able to activate trailer mode even with a non-Tesla towbar.

Another user ignores the instructions and drives without software and has not encountered any problems so far. However, the trailer mode software ensures more safety when towing and adjusts various driver assistance systems when the mode is in use. For example, the cruise control maintains a large distance to the vehicle in front and the automatic is also disabled.

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