Tesla sales from the Chinese factory and records > teslamag.de

Tesla sales from the Chinese factory and records > teslamag.de

After the conversion in July and early August, the Tesla Giga Factory in China (see photo) set a new record in sales this September and thus probably also in production: A total of 83,135 Model 3 and Model Y from the Shanghai factory were sold, CnEVPost reported on Sunday , citing CPCA statistics. That happened past the high level of 78,000 good electric cars from this June exceeded what was already expected for the August portion.

Tesla sales in China below capacity

After the Corona outage from March and the subsequent changes to the Gigafactory, September was the first month that the Chinese factory was able to operate without restrictions again – after all. Tesla didn’t report the work as officially complete until mid-month. Capacity should now be 14,000 Model Y plus 8000 Model 3 per week. So while September sales were in line with production, it was about 88 percent full.

The numbers reported on Sunday are related to this according to CnEPPost on “wholesale” business, ie not delivery to end customers. For this reason, it should also include the electric cars that Tesla shipped from China in September but have not yet handed over to their customers. The number of cars on the road around the world was At the end of the third quarter, it was very high for Tesla around 20,000. CEO Elon Musk justified this with the intention of making delivery more consistent within the quarter.

495,000 Model 3 & Y worldwide in Q4?

Similar to what was announced for China’s Gigafactory in September, the company set a new clear record for total shipments in the third quarter, but not as clear as expected. Tesla shares came under intense pressure after the publication. According to a report published shortly before, for the last quarter the company has planned a further increase to only 495,000 Model Y and Model 3 (which will probably be sold) worldwide.