Tesla Semi Truck is coming soon (but not yet in Holland)

Tesla Semi Truck is coming soon (but not yet in Holland)

Good news for anyone who thinks they’ve lost two years to corona: it’s only 2019! Elon Musk has announced that the Tesla Semi Truck will be delivered to customers this year. When all electric truck was launched in 2017, Musk said it would be released in 2019 — which is now. Good coincidence.

The Tesla Semi Truck that will be released this year is a version with a range of 800 kilometers. It is not known how many kWh of batteries the electric truck carries and how much it weighs. We know that a Semi Truck goes from 0 to 100 km/h in about 5 seconds without a trailer. And that’s what all trucks are about, right?

With 36 tons of weight behind it, the Semi’s 0-100 time increases to 25 seconds. The version with a range of 800 km should cost 150,000 euros in the Netherlands. Later, a version that covers 475 km will be released, which will be sold for 130,000 euros. According to Tesla, the truck pays for itself in two years because electricity is cheaper than diesel.

What? When will the Tesla Semi truck come to the Netherlands?

It is currently unknown when the Tesla Semi Truck will come to Europe or the Netherlands. The same goes for those who are waiting for a long time internet truck. According to Musk, this will finally come to customers in 2023, but nothing is known to customers in our country. If the Cybertruck gets type approval in Europe at all.