Tesla share news: Tesla with a loss of 9.5 percent in nosedive

With a negative 9.5 percent development, car manufacturer Tesla’s stock is one of the losers of the day. Security is currently listed for EUR 672.90.

Dropped by 9.50 percent goes with the price of
. The car manufacturer’s value, which closed at EUR 743.50 on the previous business day, currently loses EUR 70.60 (9.5 percent). Recently, the value of Tesla is listed at 672.90 euros.

Value went on sale on Thursday at EUR 695.10 and at the same time reached a maximum of EUR 699.00 per day.

Tesla’s stock reached its 52-week high on 11/04/2021. The stock market currently trades 37.7 percent of its stock. A minimum of 52 weeks was reached on May 19, 2021 for EUR 446.05.

The segment had sales of 47.2 million euros by 3:30 p.m. 68,472 sheets were sold. At the time, 5,580 sheets worth 1.1 million euros had been sold the day before.

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