Tesla shows video from the new Megapack factory > teslamag.de

Tesla shows video from the new Megapack factory > teslamag.de

At the end of this year, Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced an “epic” fourth quarter after slightly disappointing deliveries and sales in Q3 – and that may not have just referred to the company’s electric vehicles. Because this week the company showed for the first time a video of the production of mega packs in a new factory in California, the construction of which began more than a year ago. And according to the report, three quarters of the target capacity of 40 gigawatt hours per year has already been reached.

A megafactory smaller than an electric car factory

Last September, the mayor of the city of Lathrop in California, where the area was built, announced the start of the construction of the Tesla factory known as a megafactory. It was confirmed by CEO Musk in October, and he mentioned a target capacity of 40 gigawatt hours per year. That would mean 10,000 Megapack modules – after the increase Tesla states the capacity per unit as 3.9 megawatt hours.

Tesla has now allowed a first look at the factory with a video posted on LinkedIn. From the outside you first see a large rectangular building, but its dimensions do not reach those of the electric car gigafactories. Most of the trucks in and in front of the loading docks are already showing great activity. Inside pictures show the machines working on a large pack. At the end the module is covered (see picture above), loaded on a truck (standard) and taken away.

Tesla’s video was accompanied by a link to a job at the Megapack factory. About 30 of them were at the fair this Wednesday, most of them in the production and supply sector. But according to the Electrek blog, the massive search for Megafactory workers began at the beginning of September. At the same time, it is said to be close to the capacity specified by Tesla boss Musk.

Sources have heard that production at Tesla’s second factory in California is going well, Electrek reported Wednesday. Up to 25 megapacks per day can now be produced there. With 3.9 megawatt hours per module, that makes almost 100 megawatt hours per day – and with just 300 working days that adds up to around 29 gigawatt hours per year. A year after the start of construction was reported, the factory would already be about three quarters of the goal set by CEO Musk.

Tesla may double booking in Q4

If Electrek’s figure of 25 megapacks per day is correct and can be sustained, Tesla could produce more than 1,000 of these modules in the last two months of this year alone without having to call in weekend work. Their capacity would be 3.9 gigawatt hours, i.e. almost double that 2.1 gigawatt hours that Tesla for the entire third quarter including Powerwall installations. According to a web developer in California, 1000 megapacks with an output of 1.9 gigawatts and a capacity of 3.85 megawatts can be ordered for 1.8 billion dollars, but they will not be delivered before Q3 2024.