Tesla, SpaceX and Boring airport in Texas?  > teslamag.de

Tesla, SpaceX and Boring airport in Texas? > teslamag.de

If there is no suitable infrastructure, then Tesla CEO Elon Musk has built it himself. That was the case with the launch of his electric cars from the Model S and the Supercharger network – and according to reports he is now planning something similar near the new Gigafactory in the US state of Texas: For himself and Tesla, SpaceX. and Boring Musk is said to be planning a private airport.

A new airport further away from Tesla

This was heard from several sources, reported on Thursday local publication in Austria. The exact location and schedule are unclear, but the new airport should probably be east of Austin in the area of ​​the small town of Bastrop. A company affiliated with Musk bought a 30-hectare piece of land there last year and later applied to the Boring tunnel company, founded by the Tesla boss, to build a production complex.

From the Tesla factory in Texas, which has also been the headquarters of the company since the end of 2021, it will be only about 35 kilometers to reach this address. That’s very small, but Musk can’t complain about this: Austin-Bergstrom International Airport is only 10 kilometers from the Gigafactory – the Tesla boss clearly mentioned this when it opened in April.

However, he later expressed dissatisfaction with the airport, which, according to a Twitter observer, the SpaceX Gulfstream plane used by Musk often takes off and then, for example, lands at the capital’s airport near the German Gigafactory (see here below). above in May 2021). The Austin airport must be updated as soon as possible, the Tesla boss wrote on Twitter in mid-June, although it was not clear what was bothering him about that.

Musk’s concept for a new airport should be ready

But it seems to continue, because according to the Austrian report there should be the concept of an alternative private airport. If built, it can be used not only by Musk and his Tesla management, but also by Boring and SpaceX, which also has a presence nearby. However, such a project requires the approval of several governments and possibly local governments. So Musk will probably have to be patient before building the aircraft infrastructure he and his companies want in Texas.