Tesla steals in seconds how to do it

Tesla steals in seconds how to do it

Josep Pi Rodriguez, senior security consultant at IOActive, has published the results of a debilitating test. Tesla about the advanced network security that protects its vehicles, especially against common attack methods on the remote car unlocking system.

The gap discovered by Rodriguez includes the so-called NFC relay attack and requires the cooperation of two people. One of them must be near the car, and the other near the owner of the car with an NFC card or smartphone with a physical key installed, which is used to open the Tesla and start the engine by touching the NFC reader built into the car. the body.

A thief near a car uses a Proxmark RDV4.0 device to connect to the car’s NFC reader. The car’s normal response is to send a request to the owner’s NFC card, but in this case the Proxmark RDV4.0 sends the request via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to the other thief’s smartphone. The task is to bring his phone near the car owner’s NFC card and establish communication with it. The card response is then sent back to the Proxmark RDV4.0 device and then to the vehicle. So, the thief is confirmed, he can get into the car and start.

The IOActive expert at the same time entrusts the owners Tesla Model Y way to avoid this kind of theft. It is enough to activate the PIN-to-drive function, which requires entering a four-digit code on the touch screen to start the car.

According to Rodriguez, the producer himself may have a big problem by eliminating the described gap, because he will have to replace the NFC reader itself with the software installed on the car.