Tesla stops on highway: “Almost killed me”

Tesla stops on highway: “Almost killed me”

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Of: Marcus Effler

With a full battery, the Tesla Model 3 hit the California highway. A driver expresses his horror on YouTube – and complains about poor service.

If you drive an electric car, you should own one Plan a visit more precisely than by combustion. Word has now spread, and many Stromer drivers stick to it. Cases where someone breaks down with a dead battery have been rare, as with normal cars, they are very likely to happen. 12 volt flat starter battery.

Dana Brems, a doctor from California, did nothing wrong when he and his partner in the new episode Tesla Model 3 came out. According to him, the battery charged at home showed a level of 40 percent or 225 kilometers – more than enough for the planned route.

The Tesla Model 3 is supposed to stop without the driver doing anything. (Icon image) © Tesla

Tesla stops on highway: “Almost killed me”

However, the car suddenly crashed on the highway from Los Angeles to Santa Monica. On the left lane. It’s different in the US in German, not the obvious fastest way, but failure was always too dangerous. “My Tesla almost killed me,” the woman later lamented on her YouTube account.

The approximately 14-minute video shows the incident, recorded by an on-board camera. The driver also explains there how the terrible story continued. After all, simply: The police, who arrived quickly after their emergency call, protected the damaged car and helped the people inside. They waited in the patrol car for the tow truck.

Tesla breaks down on the highway: the key under the trash

According to a Tesla customer, after the Tesla was loaded into it, the story got really weird – thanks to the Texas electric car pioneer’s customer service. Fifteen minutes later, he suggested using the app’s chat to make an emergency call. He later filed a ticket saying the owner could drop off the car at a San Francisco service station.

However, that too was closed. The tow truck driver also couldn’t find the mailbox to drop the key to the Tesla parked in the yard – so he hid it under a garbage can.

Here’s the full story on Youtube:

Tesla sits on the highway: the manufacturer does not want to pay a tow truck

The big ending: Tesla refused to pay the towing costs – and accused its customer of being stuck with an empty battery (like this also a California Hyundai driver) However, the US road safety authority NHTSA is already investigating several cases where Tesla models allegedly stop suddenly without the driver doing anything.

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The new Tesla driver, who proudly took his Model 3, now wants to sell the electric car as soon as possible.