Tesla Stuck In Automotive – Stock Analysis (Maydorn Comment)

Tesla Stuck In Automotive – Stock Analysis (Maydorn Comment)

Kulmbach (www.aktiencheck.de) – Tesla’s stock analysis by “Der Aktionär”:

Alfred Maydorn from investor magazine “Der Aktionär” takes a closer look at Tesla’s shares (ISIN: US88160R1014, WKN: A1CX3T, ticker token: TL0, NASDAQ token: TSLA) in an interview with “Der Aktionär TV”.

Tesla shares have not changed much in the last few days. Yesterday after business hours, however, there was some good news. One of the key experts behind Tesla’s driver assistance system is the departure of the California electric car manufacturer. The US Group is making little progress on the issue of self-driving cars, however, according to Alfred Maydorn from the “Der Aktionär” investor magazine in an interview with “Der Aktionär TV”. (Analysis from 07/14/2022)

You can access the full interview with Alfred Maydorn from investor magazine “Der Aktionär” on “Der Aktionär TV” HERE.

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Tesla shares:

Stockgate stock price, Tesla.
EUR 698.90 -1.19% (07/14/2022, 4:24 pm)

stock price of TESLA.
EUR 694.60 -1.78% (07/14/2022, 4:11 pm)

Tesla NASDAQ stock price share:
692.00 USD -2.69% (07/14/2022, 16:11)

ISIN Tesla share:

WKN Tesla share:

Tesla Stock Exchange:

NASDAQ Tesla stock chart:

Tesla Inc Profile:

Tesla Inc. (ISIN: US88160R1014, WKN: A1CX3T, tick mark: TL0, NASDAQ: TSLA) is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of electric sports cars. Tesla Motors produces zero-performance sports cars (Tesla Roadster) and premium sedans (Tesla Model S). In addition, Tesla Inc. sells various components of electric trains to leading car manufacturers such as Daimler and Toyota. By grabbing SolarCity solar company, Tesla continues with its strategy of becoming a major integrated corporation.

Tesla Inc. is headquartered in Palo Alto, California, USA, CEO: Elon Musk. (07/14/2022 / ac / a / n)

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