Tesla sued again for misleading ads about self-driving jobs |  Tech

Tesla sued again for misleading ads about self-driving jobs | Tech

A Tesla owner from the United States has filed a class action lawsuit against the automaker. The man accuses the company of presenting self-driving cars as better than they actually are.

In the indictment, Tesla is accused of creating advertisements that show cars can drive more autonomously than is possible. “Tesla hasn’t released anything even close to a fully self-driving car,” Tesla owner Briggs Matsko said.

According to him, Tesla would like to “attract” people through advertising. The company would also like to attract investment in this way, stimulate sales, avoid bankruptcy and increase the share price.

Briggs filed a class action lawsuit in federal court in San Francisco. The lawsuit affects all Americans who have purchased or leased Tesla vehicles with self-driving features since 2016. The automaker has yet to comment on the lawsuit.

Tesla uses two systems for self-driving tasks: Autopilot and Full Self-Driving. The latter system is intended to allow fully self-driving cars in the future, but is currently being tested.

At the beginning of August, Tesla had already been accused by the California DMV regulator of misleading advertising. The case also concerns the functions of self-driving cars.