Tesla targeting Spain for second European Gigafactory?

Tesla targeting Spain for second European Gigafactory?

From Spain comes the news Tesla will negotiate with the authorities to achieve build a new Giga Factory in the capital city of Valencia. The news was reported by the business newspaper Cinco Días which claims that the American carmaker is reportedly in talks with the Generalitat Valenciana. Indeed, the Spanish authorities would have signed a confidentiality agreement with the company managed by Elon Musk.

Of course, like all relationships, this one too must be taken with caution. It must be said that recently there was also talk of a possible Tesla investment in France after Elon Musk met with Emmanuel Macron. But according to the Spanish newspaper, it can be seen that the American society, instead, is interested in Spain.

Apparently, on May 19, the president of the Generalitat, Ximo Puig, during the Mediterranean Tribune Europe Forum, reported that negotiations were ongoing at high levels with 10 large companies that want to establish themselves in Spain. Companies that could bring projects with a total investment of 24.4 billion euros and the ability to create 43,000 new jobs.

As of a few days ago, Wednesday 7 June, the newspaper Levante-EMV announced, without mentioning the correct names, that the international company will invest more than 4.5 billion euros. Negotiations which, according to the acknowledgment of the Generalitat Valenciana, are at an advanced stage. According to the business newspaper Cinco Días, this international company will be Tesla.

The government of Valencia denied the existence of an agreement concluded with Tesla and the American manufacturer of course did not respond to a request for comment, while the government of Madrid refused to comment.

That Tesla might be interested in a second plant would not be surprising at all. The new factory would allow the automaker to able to meet the rapidly growing needs of his cars in the Old Continent. As we know, the Berlin Gigafactory only produces the Model Y.

Is Tesla really targeting Spain? As mentioned, the report must be taken with all caution. In the past, news of Tesla’s alleged negotiations with some countries for the construction of new factories has emerged several times. So far, we only know for sure that Tesla intends to build a new Gigafactory in Mexico.