Tesla (TSLA34): don’t buy or sell;  understand why even after good results it is better to leave assets out of the portfolio

Tesla (TSLA34): don’t buy or sell; understand why even after good results it is better to leave assets out of the portfolio

Last Wednesday (25), the Tesla (TSLA34) released its results for the 4th quarter of 2022. And, despite the problems faced by the company, the numbers presented were above market expectations.

The company’s income during the period was $24 billion, a growth of 37% compared to 4Q21. Already the profit exceeded by 43% the results of the last quarter.

As a result, TSLA shares soared 9% on the Nasdaqwhile BDRs showed an increase of more than 10%. All this Thursday (26).

In general, the automaker’s action has already presented a more than 23% from the beginning of the year until now, we are facing a a new shopping opportunity?

See what Empiricus Research analysts think.

Is it time to buy Tesla (TSLA34)?

At some point, every investor begins to understand that, often, it is necessary to “play to the music” if you want to find profit in the stock market. Sometimes, the best thing to do is even get on the dance floor.

This is more or less the case with Tesla. At the height of the crisis (January to December 2020), the company’s shares were valued at more than 900% and those who invested can benefit greatly.

As the tables turned and stocks began to fall, many investors bet against Elon Musk’s automaker and won. Analysts at Empiricus Research even had a short space (to be sold) in stock.

The operation, which began in October 2022, was successful profit 46.6%. for those who followed that strategy to the end.

However, analysts now assess that the best thing to do is “stay neutral”, that is, do not buy or sell Tesla shares (TSLA34).

Currently, Tesla stock is trading at 33 times earnings by 2023considered value expensiveespecially in the face of 49% reduction in generating free cash flow in the last quarter of 2022.

Last year, the company saw a drop in sales. So, one of Elon Musk’s strategies to increase demand was to supply almost 20% off on their cars that worked.

However, “this decision deserves increased caution, since it must have been taken due to the increase in the number of cars, which has been increasing quarter after quarter”, show the analysts.

That is, the discount may have improved the automaker’s short-term results, but it may still be harmful to profit margins.

Inflation and high interest rates weigh on Tesla (TSLA34)

Furthermore, they believe that there are still macroeconomic factors affecting wealth. The company is affected by the US economy, which is not going through its best time.

There, inflation and interest rates are also high and the expectation is that they will remain so for some time.

As a result, tech stocks like Tesla have taken a hit. According to experts, the best thing is to search Actions quality“. That is, companies that are strong on the stock market and have a history of resilience in times of crisis.

In this case, Empiricus Research analysts chose 5 international car parks that are better than Tesla for those who want to expose part of their portfolio to the international market.

Among the selected international measures are:

  • A semiconductor company that can grow by 30% in the next two years;
  • Actions of a group of companies that earned $254 million last year;
  • An American oil company that is bugs and he can pay 3.37% Dollar Dividend in 2023;
  • Action of the food industry which it grew about 7.9% per year in the last 5 years;
  • Action of the tourism industry that can increase your market In the coming years.

It is important for you to know all the stocks recommended by the analysts BDRs. That is, you can invest in these companies directly on the Brazilian stock market and in reais, with the same ease as those who buy shares in Vale and Petrobras.

All of these measures were recommended in a subscriber-only report by Empiricus Research. But you may know the name of these properties without registration and free.

THE Empiricus investigation offers, as a courtesy, free access to anyone interested. To give you your access, easily click this link and follow the instructions.

Discover another 20 investment recommendations for 2023

In addition to the 5 global stocks, analysts at Empiricus Research recommend others 20 properties to invest in 2023.

They believe there are at least four other asset classes that every investor needs to have in their portfolio this year:

  • real estate funds;
  • Personal income securities;
  • Dividend-seeking shares;
  • Investment funds.

Therefore, experts are divided top 5 alive of each category and exposure in this reportthat you can free access courtesy of Empiricus Investimentos. Just click the button below to find out: