Tesla will be cheaper, wait

Tesla will be cheaper, wait

Car prices are rising all over the world. This applies to all those who use the internal combustion engine and electricians. Will it ever get cheaper? Elon Musk says yes – but when?

Tesla is getting more expensive and will be more expensive…

The price increase of all Tesla models is happening faster than we think. Lately, new and higher levels have been quietly appearing in Tesla’s developers every quarter. As electrek service says, in 2 years some models are up to 30% more expensive.

Although at the current price of electricity, which is growing at an alarming rate, the purchase of an electric car without an electric image installation is confusing, Elon Musk is trying to reassure potential customers.

The rear-wheel drive Model 3 is currently the cheapest Tesla on the market (Source: Tesla)

… But it will be cheaper one day!

When asked on Twitter recently, when Musk will lower the price of Tesla, he replied that “prices will fall if inflation stabilizes“.

In response, there is no specific information on when Tesla’s prices should be reduced. At this point, however Elon can’t afford to keep prices at affordable levels for many. Despite the fact that in the future Tesla should be a car available to everyone, at the moment it is not possible.

The manufacturer can still be proud high interestand you have to wait up to a year for imported cars. It is for this reason that the prices of new cars are increasing rapidly – it will be several months before the car ordered today is produced – and during this time inflation will significantly increase production costs.

However, Tesla’s lower prices will appear sooner or later in the developer. However, due to rising interest and inflation, one may be worried if it will happen in the coming years. What do you think about that? Let me know in the comments.

Source: electrek.co