Tesla will release an electric pickup truck in 2024

Tesla will release an electric pickup truck in 2024

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has say during the automaker’s quarterly earnings release. Last year, Musk said production of the Tesla Cybertruck would begin “in mid-2023.” “It’s very slow at first. Mass production won’t start until next year,” Musk said Wednesday evening.

The Tesla Cybertruck was already launched in November 2019, with the “unbreakable” windows breaking during power tests on stage. The pickup truck has a science fiction-like design with tight corners, flat panels and a large windshield.

Many reservations, wait for the price

Know one and a half million people would pay $100 less to reserve a Cybertruck. In recent years, several Cybertruck prototypes have appeared on public roads. Tesla says it is preparing its Texas factory to build a new car.

Tesla has not yet announced final prices for the truck. In its 2019 presentation, the company quoted a price of less than $40,000.

Most competition: Ford, Rivian and Hummer

With the Cybertruck, Tesla is entering one of the most lucrative segments of the automotive market. Competitors Ford and Rivian have also launched electric pick-ups, but in limited numbers.

In the United States, more competition has been added, including Hummer EV and RAM 1500EV. “The problem for Tesla is that the Cybertruck feels like ‘old news’ again,” says Edmunds analyst Jessica Cawell. against The Verge.

Record profits

Tesla got one last year record profits despite the economic crisis and the interruption of production. Earlier this month, the manufacturer reduced the price of its Model 3 and electric cars in many countries. Model Y.