Tesla’s demands: The charging connector of the owners should be “American standard”.

Tesla’s demands: The charging connector of the owners should be “American standard”.

Tesla now it wants to end the “charging chaos” in North America by opening its own proprietary charging plug. This is according to a report from the company. What is interesting is that a completely different strategy is followed than in Europe.

Tesla Motors surprisingly announces that it wants to make its charger plug standard. The group offers other companies the opportunity to use the payment connector developed by Tesla.

Tesla has considered that their proprietary plug will act as the “North American Charging Standard” (NACS) in the future and that eventually every car can be controlled by a supercharger.

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The decision made by the company is interesting announced in the company’s blog Especially since Europe has been going the opposite way for a while now and is using the CCS plug in the car with the Model 3 and Y. Third party brands can also be found on many chargers on The EU already charges their car. Tesla now notes that its own hybrid offers many advantages over CCS, including being smaller and capable of delivering twice as much power. In addition, according to Tesla, the number of Tesla superchargers in the USA is currently twice as large as the so-called CCS charging stations offered by Ford, General Motors, Audi, Rivian and many others. As a result, the group realizes that other automakers would do well to build vehicles with charging connections that work with Tesla’s charging format. Additionally, charging station operators such as EVGo, ChargePoint or Electrify America should consider fitting their charging stations with Tesla-style plugs.

Tesla drivers have long been able to use CCS charging stations with a simple adapter. But there is no other way. So far, however, there are no official partners or interested parties for this type of collaboration.

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