Tesla’s first ship to Europe in Q4 before arrival > teslamag.de

Tesla’s first ship to Europe in Q4 before arrival > teslamag.de

According to Tesla, the Gigafactory in Grünheide near Berlin has increased its production to 2000 Model Y in one week – but after the conversion in the summer, including the Model 3, the production in China is almost ten times and therefore still available for most of Europe – Responsible supply. However, according to Tesla, in the third quarter it started from the old model of regular deliveries at the end of each quarter. And indeed, the first ship with equipment from China to Europe should already arrive next week.

Changes in Tesla ships from China

For the third quarter of this year, Tesla sent a few ships from China. According to information from teslamag.de, eight sea shipments were included at the beginning of July together around 28,500 Model 3 and Model Y for the European continent organized, finally, according to the ship’s overseer, there were ten, some of which also went to England. In addition, another departure from Shanghai was discovered in mid-September, but it was still too late for European shipments in Q3: the Hoegh Traveler should also be charging electric cars from Tesla China.

According to viewer @FMossotto, this has now been confirmed after initial doubts – and teslamag.de discovered on Monday that Tesla’s German dealers are preparing for the first deliveries of Chinese products from October 15. The current estimated date of arrival of the Traveler Hoegh is on October 12 in the Belgian port of Zeebrugge. A handover in Germany just three days later sounds like ambitious plans – but it won’t be out of the ordinary for Tesla, even if there isn’t a quarter-end.

According to the information so far, the first Chinese fleet for Q4 is not fully loaded with Model 3 or Model Y. Theoretically, up to 5,000 electric cars would be possible, but in the third quarter several were also planned with only between 2,000 and 3,000 Teslas. But Tesla’s second and third shipments from China for the fourth quarter should already be on their way: According to @FMossotto, the Glovis Supreme left Shanghai for Singapore on Sunday with the rest of the Model 3 and Model Y on board and should head to Europe from there. . The leader of Deneb followed on Monday.

Musk explains the Q3 overhang and equipment

Arrivals and slightly later future customer deliveries would be expected towards the end of October – with Tesla’s previous status still at an unusually early stage in the quarter. As the Executive Director Elon Musk explained Tesla’s missed Q3 delivery forecast, Tesla has made these changes in a targeted manner to achieve greater use of transportation and employee capabilities. This should explain the production surplus of 20,000 good electric cars in Q3. Early deliveries in Europe this quarter seem to support this view – but Tesla could also decide to do so in the short term because there were not enough orders in the country of production.