Tesla’s self-driving car to blame?

Tesla’s self-driving car to blame?

bad an accident which took place in the United States adds a new chapter to the long-standing case associated with the defects of driving freely Of Tesla. The incident happened on the highway, I-80 Bay Bridge Of San Franciscoand highlight a Example S which caused a a large rear collision involving eight vehicles. The reason will be found in FSD System (Full Automatic) of the US House, still in the experimental phase.

Tesla in the snow and driving freely, the accident almost eludes us!

Tesla, the biggest accident in the United States: video

From the camera images, later revealed on social networks, it is known how to White Tesla move to the left e brake at speed, leaving little time for other motorists to brake and avoid a collision. The accident involved eight vehicles in total, and nine injured. The FSD system obviously could not decode the traffic correctly in front of him. Indeed, the Model S has suddenly braked for no apparent reason, since there were no other cars around the electric sedan – this is the so-called “phantom braking”, which many Tesla owners have already complained about. In fact, under special conditions (which Tesla has not yet defined …), the autonomous driving system triggers an emergency emergency without any reason. And the results, as we have seen, can be very dangerous. The car involved in the accident, in fact, basically stopped, slowing down at a ridiculous speed of 11 km / h.

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Maxi accident in the USA: Tesla’s fault for autonomous driving?