Tesla’s Supercharger poll has begun – ecomento.de

Tesla’s Supercharger poll has begun – ecomento.de

According to the latest information, the world’s growing network of superchargers Tesla “Supercharger” has 4,283 locations with a total of 38,883 charging stations. From 2021 to the end of 2023, the offer should triple. As new areas are created, customers can now affect them.

Tesla offers the possibility to vote on the new charger on the web. In addition to selecting specific locations, you can also submit your own suggestions. Previously, supercharger locations could be suggested on Tesla’s website. But that was meant for people or organizations that have suitable land.

The new offer has a world map on the web, where white dots indicate areas that have already been recommended. You can vote five times per quarter. To participate in the local poll, you must be logged into your Tesla Account. Then you also have the opportunity to suggest a new location yourself.

The list at the edge of the map shows which areas have received the most votes so far. There are three German cities in the top 10 in the world: Rostock, Dresden and Garmisch-Partenkirchen. Big Bear Lake in California is number 1, Bolzano in Italy is number 2.

Tesla customers aren’t the only ones who can draw electricity from the supercharger’s red and white arrays. The company is currently gradually opening up its payment network to third-party brands, and some charging stations have already been approved in Germany. Voting for new locations is currently only available to customers.

The Supercharger network has been one of the most cost-effective ways to quickly charge a Tesla on the go for some time. After several price increases, energy company EnBW’s fast charging network is now cheaper in Germany during the day. It will be cheaper if you from innovation Take advantage: Since October 11, Tesla has been offering nightly charging discounts at select charging stations. If you charge outside of peak times, you’ll benefit from lower rates.