Test drive: Cupra Formentor VZ5 – Regensburger Nachrichten

Test drive: Cupra Formentor VZ5 – Regensburger Nachrichten

Cupra? Caregiver? 390 hp? This car is the first completely independent model of the Cupra brand. Named after Cap Formentor on Mallorca and manufactured in Martorell, the Cupra Formentor VZ5 is a promise of extraordinary attraction far from ordinary standards.

When Seat takes its products under its Cupra label, based in Martorell, Spain, then something very powerful and modern comes out. The special car department founded by Seat in 1971 (operating as “Seat Sport” from 1985) has been responsible for domestic cars and then became its Cupra brand in 2018 – with the Cupra TCR in the touring car range: Cupra. from the Cup Race!

However, the Formentor is not a Seat that is refined, but the first completely independent model from the Cupra brand. A combination of SUV and coupe, named Cap Formentor in Mallorca and manufactured in Martorell. It is based on the “standard conversion matrix” of the parent company VW, with all its quality. And so it is not surprising that he sent information on what is currently the best car from the big family: the engine.

How do we know this background noise?

In fact: Seat put Audi’s holy 2.5-liter cylinder here – and (politically) reduced the power by ten hp to a whopping 390 hp. And it should be said here again after the Audi RS3 report (filter April 2022): engine and engine of the best! Engine code in both cars: VW EA855 evo. For me THE poem, apart from the V10 and boxer engines. Aluminum block, bigger bearings, pistons with cooling system, ten needle valves, timing chain and so on. Here and slanted, Vierender exhaust system – guaranteed goosebumps. Unfortunately, only 7,000 units were upgraded with the five-cylinder! 7,000, which are allowed to sink into the asphalt up to 7,000 rpm. It goes to 100 km / h in 4.2 seconds and is limited to 250 km / h. At 130km/h we used 8.5 liters per 100 km on average.

to be overly happy

As with the Audi RS3, the toque divider is on board the four-wheel drive: two electro-hydraulically controlled torque steers the wheels – here the wheel outside the curve is driven compared to any conventional car – i.e. 1,683 kg goes freely through curve and not straight ahead. Also on board is a skid mode: If you want to shave your tires, you’ll have the added possibility of having too much fun with it or launch control.

Also on board in the VZ5 is a flexible chassis that is less than ten millimeters – a must, as it both covers our holes in comfort mode and also enables (almost) brutal racing in sport mode. Good for the driver, but above all for the car, because in everyday life everything hits and breaks with a hard chassis. Wave by wave, hole by hole – with cracking traction.

Lots on board

But the VZ5 has more to offer: front spoiler and partial carbon rear diffuser, 20-inch and 255 wheels, Akebo¬no brakes (six-piston discs 375 mm, rear 310 mm), matt black roof and window strips, DAB , twelve-inch navigation system (like the A3, A5 or Golf on top and not on the dashboard), aluminum look pedals, sports bucket seats, cruise control, traffic sign recognition, reversing camera and so on – pretty crazy on board. . The multifunction steering with an integrated rotary knob for driving modes and a separate start and stop button on the steering wheel was also a big hit. The virtual cockpit is also nice – change the display at the push of a button: our favorite is the sports view, which raises the rev counter to mid-master. Greetings from Porsche.

The interior design is excellent: seams, materials and equipment designs complement each other well. If you want to go a step further, you get carbon bucket seats – genuine black or petrol leather with customized covers for many features such as the dashboard. Eight centimeters longer and six centimeters higher than the RS3, it has a boot volume of 410 litres/1,465 liters despite the four-wheel drive.

Outside the normal rules

With its design and its extreme claims, Cupra sees itself outside the norm and its drivers as people who still appreciate the sporty aspect of cars and want to enjoy power and speed. We’re all in! A few SUV remnants, a large sports section and eyes with a front splitter, air intakes, carbon and filigree rims are a lot of fun!

Unfortunately, you can drive the Cupra Formentor from 35,990 euros, if you want to beat the VZ5 with its 390 hp, you have to invest 62,700 euros – if you can still find one!

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