Test drive: Peugeot 308 1.5 BlueHDi (2022)

Test drive: Peugeot 308 1.5 BlueHDi (2022)

At its launch, Peugeot 308 being the cream of the crop in terms of motor skills. For example, in addition to conventional combustion engines, the model will also have at least two hybrid electric devices and for a long time even clean electricity version get. So what do we do at Autofans? Indeed, we came out with the most modern 308 you can find in the range: the one with a diesel engine.

Peugeot has been redesigned

Auto-ignition or no auto-ignition, the 308 looks like a powerful piece of motoring. Where the previous generation was already aimed at a much younger target audience than its good predecessor, this newcomer takes it one step further. Especially with the optional GT package – which our diesel was treated to of course – you seem to be dealing with a hot pipe. For example, the 308 takes the interesting LED corners from about 508. He places them next to the grille of such a size that the designers of Audi or BMW are probably looking at it with an open air scoop. In profile, the middle class remains conservative, but out back the sportiness continues with a set of dark taillights that are paired with a classy, ​​black accent bar.

Inside, you can’t escape the idea that Peugeot is completely reinventing itself. In fact, the compact, low-mounted steering wheel is back, and the French also install a counter unit here that you don’t have to look at, but above the steering wheel. The instrument cluster also provides a 3D hip effect, so that your speed and rotation speed seem to float on the surface. The rest of the wardrobe also plays with the dimensions, because the whole structure is overflowing with strong lines that provide the cock with several layers, as it were. As a result, the dashboard sits on top of others, which leaves a feeling of sports again.

Between pleasure and sport

The question is whether that impression also remains when you are on the road with the 308. However, it does not seem quite right to ask that question when we come out with a diesel version, because you think you already know the answer when you even start the car. That 1.5-liter four-cylinder doesn’t sound very refined — even for a diesel engine — and its performance doesn’t seem to match this hatchback’s powerful looks. For example, it delivers 130 hp and 300 Nm to the front wheels, which accelerates to 100 km / h in 10.6 seconds. He rewards that by emitting just 114 g/km CO2 and, perhaps more importantly during the crisis, consumption which stuck at 5.3 l/100 km with us.

Peugeot 308 HDi 2022 Test Drive

And we still wouldn’t remotely describe the driving characteristics of this new 308 as ‘boring’. It might be the weird placement of that tiny steering wheel – or maybe the fact that the ‘wheel’ isn’t round at all – but this hatchback feels downright sharp. Let it loose on a piece of country road, and even that 130 hp under the hood is enough to entertain you. Like the GT-Line, the 308 is also fitted with a slightly stiffer suspension, although the whole still manages to remain surprisingly forgiving. Peugeot thus again manages to find a good balance between the comfort you are used to from the French, and the driving dynamics that you increasingly associate with the brand these days. It’s just a pity that for more than 130 hp you immediately have to go shopping for one of the plug-in hybrids, because they are the only ones that offer 180 or 225 hp but more cost and weight.

More screens

Inside, the new 308 has already impressed us with its design, but the space it offers isn’t bad either. With 412 liters of boot space, it makes a mark in this segment, the Volkswagen Golf, even more than that – or at least as long as you don’t choose the plug-in hybrid, because they dive with 373 liters under the Golf. Even as a passenger, you have nothing to complain about, no matter where you sit in the 308. Up front, the French have managed to create a comfortable seating position despite the low steering wheel, and in the back you’ll find plenty of knee and headroom as long as you’re not above average for the size. So there is enough space for your generation.

Peugeot 308 HDi 2022 Test Drive

Design and ease of use don’t always go hand in hand – just look at the professional interiors of the same DS 4. However, Peugeot seems to have learned from the previous 308’s shortcomings, and has responded in an unexpected way. Where it hid most of the functionality in its touchscreen, the designers have now integrated that functionality into… two touchscreens. However, read before you write off the 308 as an ergonomic disaster, because in our opinion this is finally a touch-sensitive system that works. For example, for the best work you still have to tap on the main screen, but you will find a thin strip below it that can show different shortcuts depending on the menu you are in. Those shortcuts are also pretty big, so you don’t have to search long before you know where to click.

From diesel to GT

Such on-screen opulence looks fine and dandy, but what do such businesses do with the price tag? There is nothing wrong, as it turns out, because with a base price of 26,300 euros, the Peugeot 308 is still quite affordable. For that money you should settle for a 1.2-liter petrol engine producing 110 hp, and the infotainment system is also simplified with a control panel for climate control instead of an additional screen and shortcuts. However, you immediately get metallic paint, rear parking sensors and cruise control, so that you are immediately on the road with a car that can be found for the money.

Peugeot 308 HDi 2022 Test Drive

Would you like a diesel, then pay for the 308 with the 1.5-liter HDi engine as in our test sample at least 29,800 euros and for the eight-speed automatic transmission you can add a small 2,000 euros. The gorgeous GT version we see here is no longer a cheap car with its 34,500, but along with the sporty look it also gets more equipment. For example, that additional screen with quick buttons is placed here immediately, but you can also rely on the reversing camera, keyless entry and go with 18-inch wheels.


Peugeot has once again managed to make its 308 more powerful, without sacrificing comfort or ease of use. By blocking the front diesel, the 308 is aimed mainly for economic or of course business drivers, but nevertheless continues to shine a certain eccentricity of the French.


1.5 liter four-cylinder diesel


8-speed automatic

Base model price

€29 800.00

Average test usage

5.30 liters per 100 km