Test Lexus LBX, a little chic that wants to conquer Europe

Test Lexus LBX, a little chic that wants to conquer Europe

Lexus, we love big sedans, big SUVs and super coupes. Placing cars, which are mostly made for North American highways. But now, the premium manufacturer of the Toyota group is breaking away and presenting its new LBX. Urban SUV designed and produced for the European market.

Urban SUVs are very popular commercially in Europe. So much so that they have become the new favorites of drivers behind city cars. Therefore, it has become a duty to please as many people as possible. And to achieve this, Lexus is trying a new model, more conservative than usual.

Compact with a height of 4.19 meters, The LBX takes the technical basis of its cousin Toyota Yaris Cross. With a good dose of modifications to make it premium. So it is visible on the outside but also and above all in the passenger compartment. On the other hand, there is no miracle in the back, and its small size, LBX offers enough space for two adults and a small trunk compared to the competition.

Technically speaking, the LBX is also a bit disappointing. Not so much in the power of its hybrid engine, 136 horse power, but in the architecture of its heat engine. Because alongside the small, indestructible electric unit comes a three-cylinder petrol engine. Not really our premium idea.

Changes to LBX are not visible. Compared to the Yaris Cross, the car has been widened, the body has been strengthened and the suspension has been significantly updated. The smallest Lexus in history has good arguments for appealing to younger customers than usual.

To afford it, those who like it will have to pay slightly more expensive than competitors Audi Q2 and DS 3, at least 34,000 €, but they will be able to benefit from a better equipped LBX. Finally, its main rival is none other than its cousin the Toyota Yaris Cross, slightly refined but still priced at €7,000 less.