Test: Mitsubishi L200 Stark – 3 locks work here!

Test: Mitsubishi L200 Stark – 3 locks work here!

Mitsubishi has launched a special variant of the L200 model called Stark. In addition to the distinctive appearance, the customer can choose accessories that increase the off-road capabilities of this vehicle. What are additives? You will find out from our video.

Mitsubishi L200 – video test

Thinking off-road vehicle We rarely see a truck in front of our eyes, but if we want a commercial vehicle that will allow us to drive off the pavement even more, the limited version of Stark will be a good choice for people who want to get a finished product. with excellent off-road characteristics and not playing with modifications alone.

At first glance, you can see that the car is well prepared for off-road driving and is known for its appearance. The basic package includes visual aids, but the configuration does not lack options that increase the performance of the car off the pavement. We are talking about road tires, an additional front differential lock and a winch. The manufacturer also offers a package that increases power and engine torque.

By deciding on all these improvements and additions, we will leave a large amount in the showroom and of course we can save a little by deciding to restore this car on our own, while there are people who want to buy a ready-made product that meets. their expectations, agree to a higher price.