That’s why Sebastian Vettel and Aston Martin are doing better

That’s why Sebastian Vettel and Aston Martin are doing better

Since the launch of Aston Martin’s B version, which bears strong similarities to Red Bull’s RB18, Sebastian Vettel’s team’s style for the 2022 Formula 1 season is on the upswing. While nine points were scored in the last two races, it was only six points in the previous six races.

So, you are behind Haas in the Constructors’ World Championship because of the worst individual result.

So, despite all the controversy, the introduction of the B version has paid off in terms of sports. The upgrade doesn’t just improve the overall ride of the car, it also makes it easier for engineers to find the right setup.

Aston Martin Executive Director Tom McCullough explains what has changed since Barcelona: “It’s a step back to normalcy. We were reduced a lot in terms of configuration at the beginning of the year due to the special characteristics of the car. Now it’s more simple and functional. More comfortable. “

McCullough remains confident

Having traveled three different courses since the update was introduced, McCullough says the team has learned a lot about the update, which is reflected in the performance.

“The car now has a larger operating window, which makes it easier to optimize the car in a traditional way during a race weekend. It also makes it easier to understand the grip conditions on the track. and get more performance from the tires.”

Thanks to the progress the team has made over the past three races, McCullough is confident about the midfield battle for the rest of the season. But he also knows that Aston Martin must not give up under any circumstances.

Vettel: Aston Martin gets the maximum

“We’ve taken a different direction throughout the year. The updates we’ve brought to the track so far give us hope. But nobody stands still, so we need to keep pushing to stay as competitive as possible.”

Sebastian Vettel also feels that the team is “always getting more out of it” with the new package and is growing faster as a result.

“Even though we didn’t have a new place in Baku, we were able to try different things and get more speed. That also made it easier to take risks when it really matters. We’re taking the maximum out of the car at the moment,” says the German.