The 5 Best Car Ads of May  Unmissable offers!

The 5 Best Car Ads of May Unmissable offers!

We’re almost halfway through the month, and it’s time to discover the best car deals for May!

We have already reached the first half May, it is surprising to say that here we are again one step away from summer. This environmental and physical argument about the change of seasons, it must be said, for car enthusiasts, and luxury engines obviously, which you readers of My Pleasure are interested to some extent. Here we are talking about Cars, and also of other ways of course, with new things and their characteristics. And talk about new things; finally arrived at this stage of the month seems to be the right time to talk about it car ads of May. So here is the best surprise and unmissable offers which will be fun car owners looking for a new one car buy just before the arrival of the guaranteed summer. Between SUVs And utilitarianMay doesn’t miss anything…

Car ads can be really amazing, but above all they are unavoidable!

Everyone, especially in this period of bad prices, is looking for profitable offers when we find ourselves looking for a product to buy; be it a four-wheeler, motorcycle or any other vehicle. But when we find ourselves immersed in the forest, because we are talking about the real forest, of the car market (and industry), the research mentioned above becomes more difficult. Needless to say it is impossible…

In fact, we live in a time where the price lists of cars sold at various dealerships seem to be literally exploding. Insane prices, and applications completely disconnected from modern reality. In short, fewer and fewer drivers can bear the cost; and the situation, even if one tries to pin it down in a strange way, threatens to become more and more angry in the years to come.

This is why the monthly recommended offers by car manufacturers are becoming more and more important with the passage of time. This turns out to be the only possibility for a driver to be able to take a new car home for a real bargain. Spend less, or at least less, and get more, or so.

So in recent months, to which we must also add this May, we have witnessed a kind of competition to promote more profits; a competition in which many car companies in the world participated and which must be said to have borne fruit.

Many, in fact, were deals considered impossible to miss. And various models that have even fallen below the minimum threshold of 10 thousand euros. Kind of a gift if you look at this situation through the eyes of a modern car …

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And to speed up this race for the lowest price, the race is updated every month, we’ve decided to bring you the best (and therefore most profitable) car deals in May. A proposal that seeks to look at the entire automotive situation with a broader vision. So, are you ready to know the unmissable offers of this month?

Fiat is trying to push more hybrid models, and at the moment they are thinking about new cars…

Also this May, Fiat is focusing all its offerings exclusively on the Hybrid range; a decision that aims to push the diversity of the Turin brand even further in light of the new models that are about to arrive…

The above-mentioned offer is valid throughout the month of May and is reserved for private customers who, instead of exchanging and getting rid of their old car, buy a Panda, 500, 500x and Tipo model with a hybrid power supply. As a concrete example: this month the Fiat Panda is offered for 13,950 euros instead of 15,600 euros, and if you subscribe to financing formulas, you will also get an additional discount of 1,500 euros and the offer over 5 years includes an advance of 3,856 euros. 59 monthly installments of 99 euros each and the final installment (equal to the certainty of the future value) of 7,057 euros.

Lancia Ypsilon is preparing for its revolution and at the same time it is sold at a very cheap price!

No, the true revolution of the coolest minicar has yet to be revealed; but this time the model (even if it is a little dated) has been updated above all in the technological version, while the design has been renewed. In this particular case, the new Lancia Ypsilon series offers a 7-inch touchscreen radio complete with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto in wireless mode and a new wireless charger, placed under the gear lever as in Fiats and a rear camera which makes parking easier. trick for a stress-free experience.

This month’s offer proposes a reduction of the Ypsilon 1.0 FireFly 70 HP Start&Stop in Silver Hybrid for 15,250 euros instead of 17,100 euros. There is also a loan offer in 36 monthly installments of 189 euros, an initial installment of 2,173 euros and a final installment of 7,861 euros.

Mazda is looking at heavy-duty SUVs and compact SUVs among the can’t-miss promotions in May.

For the month of May, Mazda looks at the heavyweights of its range. It starts with the compact version of the CX-60 hybrid SUV offered at 55,120 euros with the “Convenience & sound package” included, and the more compact model Mazda CX-30 starting at 24,470 euros with Mazda Advantage which guarantees one discount. up to 3,250 euro in case of financing by exchange or liquidation.

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From China’s Full Electric sedan in development, we are talking about the MG4…

One of the most interesting offers of the month arrives from China; we are talking about a fully electric compact sedan from MG. A design packed with advanced driving features and intelligent technology. The MG4 Electric is one of the more modern options at the moment, with a 54 kW battery pack offered at a price of 23,540 euros compared to a list price of 30,790 euros.

Another multi-wheeled Asian, one of the hottest crossovers currently on sale!

And we close with an offer that is sure to please many drivers. In fact, we are talking about one of the most popular crossover models of recent years. It comes from Japan and its name is Nissan Juke! Worthy even in its old and unusual state, and its modification with a new and modern design the car in question recorded a new growth in sales; thanks also to its Hybrid engine. Especially this month Nissan Juke Visia DIG-T 114 for 19,950 euros instead of 23,400 euros. Are you sure you let him go?