The Acura Precision EV takes design inspiration from Italian powerboats and F1 cars

The Acura Precision EV takes design inspiration from Italian powerboats and F1 cars

For all of us who are excited to see the futuristic designs of the next electric cars being prepared, especially by high-end manufacturers, here is one more to add to the waiting list: the Acura Precision EV Concept presented in the framework of the Monterey Car Week by the luxury luxury brand of Slingas a preview of its official entry into the electrified era from 2024 with a zero-emission SUV with a dynamic style.

The marine inspiration of the Acura Precision EV

Inspired by the elegance, artistry and harmony of form and function unique to Italian luxury powerboats, the Acura Precision EV expresses the Japanese brand’s intense focus on performance with a wide, athletic stance, expressive silhouette and sharp character lines dressed in striking Double Apex. Blue with matte finish.

Features a theatrical lighting approach that previews an electrified powertrain through a dramatic illuminated evolution of the grille Diamond Pentagon from Acura, the signature Chicane DRL and the new lighting “Particle Glitch” on the front and rear fascias. This emotional design theme is echoed in the spokes of the striking 23-inch wheels as well.


Exhilarating, visceral and premium, the interior design of the Acura Precision EV concept it is focused on performance and the ability to provide an immersive experience that engages the occupants’ senses.

Inspired by the cockpit of a Formula 1 race car with a low driving position, high-performance driver sight lines and a two-grip yoke-style steering wheel, the electric vehicle’s hyper-modern interior space features two experiences: a exciting Instinctive Drive mode that enhances the playing experience and a relaxing Spirit Hall mode during stand-alone operation.

Likewise, we are facing a cabin that uses sustainable and environmentally responsible materials that create exclusive and top-quality finishes, which include mottled recycled plastic trim and 100% biomass leather.

All of the aluminum used, as well as the dimensional green cast acrylic that forms the secondary controls on the steering wheel, were made from recycled materials. Sourced from responsibly managed forests that provide environmental, social and economic benefits, the ground FSC certified wood adds warmth and a connection to nature.

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