The Alfa Romeo Museum looks at the history of the brand and 12 events |  pluck twice

The Alfa Romeo Museum looks at the history of the brand and 12 events | pluck twice

Quadrifoglio logo with four-leaf clover, former Autodelta racing department, Giulia Sprint GT model, engine designer Giuseppe Busso, winning the German Touring Car Championship (DTM) – in 2023 Alfa Romeo celebrates many anniversaries . They are, among other things, the subject of monthly events at the Museo Alfa Romeo in the Milan neighborhood of Arese. The factory museum started this series of so-called backstage meetings four years ago to give fans of the brand exclusive insights behind the scenes and into the house’s archives.

Alfa Romeo backstage

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Sports beauties

The circuit will start in January with a special day for the Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione. Alfa Romeo presented this super sports car as a world premiere 20 years ago at the IAA in Frankfurt.

The February event will feature the 40th anniversary of the Alfa Romeo 33, one of the brand’s best-selling models overall.

Car games

Spring is about motorsport. Autodelta’s 60th birthday is being celebrated at the Alfa Romeo Museum. Founded in March 1963 by Carlo Chiti in Udine, the company soon moved to Settimo Milanese and from then on worked as the official Alfa Romeo racing department.

Giuseppe Busso, one of the most important engine designers in the history of Alfa Romeo, was born 110 years ago. Among other things, Busso developed the legendary twin-camshaft four-cylinder Giulia and the famous V6 cylinder Alfetta. With both engines, Alfa Romeo won many titles in the European Touring Car Championship. The 155 V6 Ti engine, with which Alfa Romeo won the German Touring Car Championship (DTM) in 1993, is also based on a Busso design.

Four leaf clover

In July, the Alfa Romeo Museum honors the inescapable emblem of all racing cars and especially the brand’s sports production models: the four-leaf clover, known in Italian as quadrifoglio. This now 100-year-old symbol of Alfa Romeo’s sporting spirit first appeared in 1923 in the works racing car in which Ugo Sivocci won the Targa Florio endurance race on the Mediterranean island of Sicily.

Photo Alfa Romeo Mille

Alfa Romeo Mille

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Events in July and August will explore a little-explored aspect of Alfa Romeo’s history: trucks and production in Brazil. September is all about Alfa Romeo Montreal, a grand sports tourer with a V8 engine.

Alfa Romeo and Zagato

In October, the theme is the collaboration between Alfa Romeo and Carrozzeria Zagato, in which, for example, the TZ sports car emerged in 1963. Another milestone from 1963 is celebrated in November: the presentation of the Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GT. The coupe, usually called “Bertone” after its designer, is considered the forerunner of a long and storied line of Alfa Romeos.

To conclude 2023 in December, visitors can reflect on the situation of Alfa Romeo during the Second World War, when production was moved from the Milan neighborhood of Portello to a number of temporary sites.

These journeys are enhanced by the stories and experiences of former employees, historians, journalists, racing drivers, brand club members and automotive experts through Alfa Romeo’s more than one hundred year history. In the 44 forum meetings held since 2019, around 80 of these experts, along with hundreds of production and racing cars, models and exhibits from the factory archive, filled the Alfa Romeo Museum with life.

Photo Alfa Romeo Back Steps

Alfa Romeo Step Back

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The event, which is free to visitors, is accompanied by a supporting program, including a parade of cars on the museum’s test track.

More information is available at Alpha Museum website.