The Alfa Romeo Tonale also comes as a Dodge

The Alfa Romeo Tonale also comes as a Dodge

On the Italian platform car parericself-portraits of a car similar to the Alfa Romeo Tonale, but not. According to various sources, this is the Dodge Hornet, a name we came across in the label a long time ago. Nothing is known about this ‘Hornet’ yet, but the model may be intended for the North and South American market. The image shows the front part, in which the Tonale lines are still recognizable. The Alfa Romeo Scudetto grille is the only one left, giving way to a rectangular grille that sits between the headlights. There are also extra cool spaces on the hat.

Interior Dodge ‘Hornet’. Photo:

However, the wheels seem to be taken from the Alfa Romeo 1 to 1. The similarities are also clearly seen in the interior image. The steering wheel is similar to that of the Tonale, but has the Dodge logo. The great Tonale rowers are also absent. The interior is still partially covered, but it looks similar to that of the Tonale. Meter house with ventilation grilles can have a slightly different shape.

It is not yet clear what power Hornet will receive. In addition to the number of Tonale engines, Dodge will probably also have powerful non-hybrid engines in its use. It is quite possible that Dodge will sell a more aggressive variant like the SRT version. In any case, it is a special Stellantis move that Alfa Romeo wants to sell as a paid brand. Transforming a brand new product like Dodge with a few modifications, seems to contradict that.

The exchange between Alfa Romeo and Dodge is not new: in 2012, the brand presented Dart, a car parked on the Giulietta platform. However, Dart was a model with his own ex- and interior. That doesn’t seem to be the case with Hornet, if it really is called that.