The alien creates a real GMC Hummer EV car using Lego

The alien creates a real GMC Hummer EV car using Lego

Photos via YouTube (Alain B)

SonYouTube redesigns GMC Hummer EV’s fully functional electric EV. The project is in the process of being officially integrated.

Lego does not hate the kit for the existing car, but the new electric one GMC Hummer EV not yet included in the offer. That may change soon. Lego Technic fan Alain B shares his copy of the electric truck on YouTube and may be included as a real construction device by Lego.

GMC Hummer EV in Lego

The 2200 block Lego truck works perfectly (on crab work and) and because of the source of the inspiration itself is also very natural. The truck is powered by an electric motor, such as a Hummer EV. Additionally, the truck has a stopper and even a hydraulic height adjustment system.

Finally, all the doors can be opened, the roof can be replaced with a back door and the hood works as you expect. All can be controlled by 4 individual motors. The purpose was not just to build a working truck, but to equip it with the high-quality and high-end capabilities of a real Hummer.

The manufacturer is now trying to get Lego to introduce construction as a real device. Through Lego Ideas Forum creators can share their creations, where fans can support projects. With adequate support, Lego will include products on their list.

At the time of writing, the project already has over 1000 followers after three months. The project has a year to get 1000 followers, so Alain B is on his way. After that year, the project has another year to reach 10,000 votes. It is only then that Lego takes GMC Hummer EV into production.