The American version of the Ford Ranger pickup (2024).

The American version of the Ford Ranger pickup (2024).

Ford has launched the US version of the Ranger pickup. we already know about it. Because Americans build things differently from the rest of the world.

The Ford Ranger as we know it hasn’t been in the US for several years. In 2011, after the end of the partnership with Mazda to jointly develop a mid-size car, Ford North America was focused on the lucrative market of full-size equipment from the F series.

Only when competitors General Motors and Toyota with the Colorado and Tacoma recorded rapidly increasing sales figures did the topic become attractive to Ford again and the Ranger was brought back into the fold. That was in 2019. And even then it was a modified “World Ranger” model for the US market, which was largely manufactured by Ford Australia.

Built in Detroit

A few months after the new generation Ranger was introduced in Asia and Europe and launched in the respective markets, Ford USA is now bringing the brand new model to the streets of North America. Like its predecessor, it will be built exclusively for the US market at the Michigan Assembly Plant west of Detroit.

Ford USA

There are no big differences: the front is slightly changed compared to the European versions.

The first look at the new American Ranger is not exciting, because the car finally looks like a Ford Ranger that can be imported from us – but it comes from a South African factory. Only when you look closely can you see that the front bumper, apron and radiator grille have been slightly changed to the European Ranger. Perhaps it is very practical, then the two continents can only be exchanged on the next facelift.

A total of three turbo petrol engines for the Ranger

Apart from that, of course, looking under the hood is especially exciting. While the diesel engine dominates in this class worldwide, Ford USA does not have a contract with such engines. The predecessor was offered with one power train, 2.3-liter EcoBoost four-cylinder with turbo-scroll turbo and 274 hp. That will change now, in the future there will be two engines. But still no diesel.

In addition to the 2.3-liter four-cylinder from the predecessor, which will continue to be offered, there will also be a V6 gasoline engine in the future (although it has not yet been introduced to the market). However, it is not the three-liter V6 we use in the Ford Ranger Raptor, but a smaller version with a displacement of 2.7 liters. Ford already has this version of the Ecoboost twin turbo for the larger F-150. With 319 hp, it even beats the three-liter six-cylinder in “our” Raptor, which is designed to European standards.

This three-liter engine is again available in the American version of the Ranger Raptor, but with a higher level of performance: instead of 292 hp in the European version, a twin-turbo six-cylinder in the North American model provides power. 410 hp. That should make this model attractive to free importers who want to give their customers more power than the official European Raptor.

In the US, the Ranger is cheaper

The prices are also already known and sometimes much lower than those called Ford Ranger in Germany. While the entry-level Ranger, a single cabin with basic equipment, costs a total of 40,210 euros/33,790 net, the American Ranger in the future will be available for 32,565 dollars net; that is currently equivalent to around 29,800 euros. The three-liter V6 Raptor will start in the U.S. at an actual price of $55,365, which is roughly 50,650 euros. In comparison: With more than 100 hp less, the base price in Germany is 62,350 euros net. The US Guard can still be ordered in May; The cars will be delivered to customers from the end of summer 2023.

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The Ford Ranger is a true example of the world: designed in Australia, built in Thailand and South Africa and now in the heart of the American car industry in Michigan. The American model differs, not surprisingly, mainly in the engine. Ford may not have the world-famous diesel engines for such important flatbed trucks in the US and instead rely on three gasoline engines. What’s really impressive is the extra power, especially with the three-litre V6 – and for less money than the European models.