The area of ​​Wałbrzych attracted the Hyundai distributor – Puls Biznesu

The area of ​​Wałbrzych attracted the Hyundai distributor – Puls Biznesu

The war in Ukraine is not a good time for investors, but the Wałbrzych Special Economic Zone “Invest-Save” is not complaining.

– We have made 12 decisions this year, where companies announce PLN 415 million of spending and the creation of 156 jobs. Last year, we made 13 decisions at this time, so we are satisfied. In total, in 2021, we provided a historic 60, but due to the situation outside the eastern border, we will be happy if we reach 30 this year – says Piotr Wojtyczka, president of WSEZ.

The newest investor in this zone is Hyundai Welding, a Korean manufacturer of basic welding wires and products for automobiles, offshore, shipbuilding etc. Hyundai and KIA Motors.

– Soon we will provide information on the location and value of the investment – announced the president of WSSE.

The second as such

Piotr Wojtyczka, president of the Wałbrzych Special Economic Zone, which since January issued 12 decisions to support investment – including. for Hyundai Welding, ifm ecolink and Signature Flatbreads – predicts that this year entrepreneurs will decide on 30 projects.

Who plans the biggest investment?

This year’s largest project is planned in the Wałbrzych area by ifm ecolink, the German ifm electronics company, which produces sensors and control systems. It has been operating in Opole since 2012, employs more than 450 people, and apart from production, has an R&D department. Recent investments of PLN 150 million include the construction of a production hall and a warehouse, thanks to which 50 more jobs will be created.

Saini Flatbreads, a British producer of bread and bakery products, will invest PLN 125 million, which will build a factory in Ząbkowice Śląskie and employ at least 37 people. ProfiLine, a Polish manufacturer of PVC and aluminum fittings operating since 1992, will expand the factory there Kłodzko at a cost of PLN 6 million. Betomet Fabryka Maszyn will be expanded in Szymonków in the Wołczyn district in the Opole region. This is a project worth PLN 4 million. An interesting investment will also be seen in the Wałbrzych area – a plant for the recycling of lithium-ion batteries and their production components. Its construction in the Ozimek district in the Opole region is planned by the Polish company Rare Metals, which will spend around PLN 21.5 million.

Buildings and siding

However, the Wałbrzych zone does not live on investment alone.

– We are building seven halls for rent, the first one, in Wałbrzych, was handed over in February. When steel prices rose after the outbreak of war, contractors began to withdraw but returned. A second building is already being built in Wałbrzych, and others will be built in Ząbkowice Śląskie, Jaworzyna Śląska, as well as in Nysa and Brzeg in Opolskie Voivodeship and in Chocicz in Greater Poland. In total, we will spend more than PLN 100 million in this project, but there are many people willing to rent, so we are considering the construction of two or three more halls in Dolnośląskie Voivodeship – says Piotr Wojtyczka.

Each hall is from one to four modules, which can have a maximum of 5,000. sq m In the hall of Wałbrzych there will be a training center for local companies.

WSSE is also a co-investor in the construction of the railway section of the Mercedes-Benz factory in Jawor. Information from “PB” indicates that this is a project worth about PLN 50 million, in which the automotive concern will invest more than the belt. The siding should be ready in the first quarter of 2024. It will enable Mercedes to move 85 percent of shipments to and from the plant on the route.

– Therefore, we are currently conducting two bidding procedures. The first concerns the selection of the contractor for the construction works, which includes the construction of the siding and the reloading yard, while the second is related to the selection of the investor’s management inspectors. According to the ideas, the selection of the most profitable and the announcement of the selection of the contractor, together with the inspectors of the management of the investor should take place at the end of July and August. This means that we will start construction works in September – says Piotr Wojtyczka.