The Audi activesphere will be presented tomorrow, closing the loop

The Audi activesphere will be presented tomorrow, closing the loop

Four rings, four incredible visions of what the future of the brand will be. The fourth and final Audi “sphere” will be presented tomorrow at the Development Festival, the brand’s own event, broadcast worldwide.

During the next edition of the “Celebration of Progress”, the event in which Audi makes a kind of balance of the year, at the same time as it finds balance for the next one, the fourth vision of the future of the brand and the four rings will be presented, that is, the four ‘spheres’, focused on the type differences of people.

The active sphere concept is the fourth model in a family of concept cars that Audi began to unveil in August 2021. All share an electric drive system, as they are all systematically designed to allow autonomous driving.

This technical project leads to completely new designs, especially in the interior, and offers the possibility for the occupants to spend their time productively or just relax and enjoy the journey. Together, the circular concept cars reflect Audi’s vision of the ideal mobility of tomorrow.

The perfect companion for outdoor adventures, the Audi activesphere concept offers drivers ultimate freedom. Get ready to tackle a variety of activities, including water sports, skiing, golf, or challenging mountain driving – all in a vehicle that can take you anywhere.

The concept of activesphere will be presented almost on “Celebration of Progress” until January 26, 2023, which will begin at 6 p.m. At the event, Audi Brand Manager Henrik Wenders and Audi Design Manager Marc Lichte will explain how future Audi models will become personal companions. As Chief Creative Officer, Gael Buzyn, shares some insight into the design of the latest member of the revolutionary concept car family, Sid Odedra, Head of UI/UX Design, will talk about how the concept of special and new functionality absolutely. the digital ecosystem will improve the lifestyle of drivers.

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