The ‘baby’ in the fast lane: Alfa Romeo’s E-SUV is looking for a name

The ‘baby’ in the fast lane: Alfa Romeo’s E-SUV is looking for a name

In a rare move, luxury car brand Alfa Romeo has asked its loyal fans to take part in naming its first electric car. The debut of the sports SUV from segment B is scheduled for the first half of 2024.

Alfa Romeo is known for its close relationship with fans, and this appeal once again highlights the special relationship between the brand and its followers. Proposals for model names can be submitted through Alfa Romeo’s official social media platforms, an innovative way to strengthen and reinforce the brand’s relationship with its international community.

An internally managed project, affectionately known as “children” known, it already shows the size of the future car. It is intended to complement the brand’s current lineup, alongside the Tonale and Stelvio SUVs and the Giulia sports sedan. Alfa Romeo thus opens a fourth series that meets the ongoing demand for SUVs. Fans of the brand can expect Alfa Romeo to interpret the word SUV in their usual way, with an emphasis on sports performance, as in the Tonale and Stelvio models.

Alfa Romeo ushered in a new era with the launch of the Tonale, the brand’s first hybrid model, about a year ago. Announced for 2024, the model marks the next big step in this evolution as it features a fully electric powertrain. The automotive world is already thinking about the final name of the future SUV. But despite the speculation, one thing can be confirmed: the name will definitely not do “Brennero” to be, as has already been assumed in certain circles.

With the call to name, Alfa Romeo enables fans to fully participate in the history of the brand. The latter name will certainly be eagerly awaited and will mark another milestone in the rich history of the traditional Italian brand.

Source: Alfa Romeo – press release of 07/06/2023