The Bas Smit Range Rover was stolen in Spain

The Bas Smit Range Rover was stolen in Spain

While the Bas Smit courts are being opened across the country, the businessman also has to endure considerable opposition. His Range Rover has been stolen in his favorite holiday destination, Spain. Through a message on Instagram, the influencer bids farewell to a car he has enjoyed for 5 years in a funny way. “You saw the kids grow up!”

Bas Smit steals in Spain

According to Quote, Smit has an interest in approximately 20 to 30 companies, but told AT5 that he and his wife own ‘something like 19 companies’. In a more recent interview with RTL Z, he again claims that it refers to ‘approximately twenty’. “It changes, sometimes something goes in and sometimes something goes wrong.”

In April 2021, this cheerful businessman engaged in a blue G-wagon, so he has no transportation after a carjacking in Spain, but he is no doubt angry. Smit and his family have traveled throughout Europe using the Range Rover and have been careful with it all the time.

“Almost five years together”, Smit begins his message. He goes on to say that his wife, Nicolette van Dam, almost immediately thought the car was too big, but that did not ruin Smit’s happiness: “You were as beautiful as you were. That big nose and ass went very well with those big headlights “, writes Smit about the car – or is it her other female half?

Probably taken by “two wonderful gentlemen”

However, according to police it is likely the vehicle will be used for drug-related activities or is already in a container bound for Africa. In any case, the possibility of his being found is free. Characters? Probably two people, “wonderful gentlemen” as the 41-year-old describes.

Update: The post has been removed since then. The reason why it is unknown