The beginning of the G90 as a rival to German premium cars

The beginning of the G90 as a rival to German premium cars

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The beginning of the G90 as a rival to German premium cars

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With the new G90, Genesis challenges the established luxury class. The first sedan is already running in Korea and the United States. Now Hyundai’s luxury subsidiary is considering bringing its flagship to Germany.

The luxury sedan debuted in Korea in December 2021.

(Photo: Genesis)

Time is a luxury. And it is precisely this luxury that Genesis indulges in. Or rather the mother of creation Hyundai. The Korean premium brand started with us in the summer of 2021 without much pressure or exaggerated sales expectations. Registration is still manageable and was previously listed under “Hyundai/Other” in the KBA, but with modern mass-production technology, an attractive design and a windfall of consistently positive media coverage, confidence is growing.

No other manufacturer has brought as many new models to the market in such a short period of time as Genesis. We currently have five and more to follow. Perhaps also the current flagship G90, which we drove for the first time in Seoul.

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The luxury sedan debuted in Korea in December 2021 and has sold more than 20,000 units in the domestic market so far. The premiere in the United States followed in 2022, and the famous American car magazine Motor Trend recently named the G90 “Car of the Year 2023”.

And another award that Genesis is happy to take with it as it rises in the world of the rich and beautiful: In the current ranking of JD Power, the largest report on customer satisfaction in the USA, the Korean newcomer took second place behind Lexus. Mercedes finished 27th.

The G90 should also come to Germany

Even if there is still no official “go” to Germany, Genesis brand boss Grame Russell leaves little doubt about the upcoming debut in Germany: “The G90 can help a lot for our image.” But in fact this “accessory” is one of the few extras that cannot be ordered as an option for the G90. He should get it. His presence certainly helps.

The man comes across as handsome. Design is more sophisticated than subtle, more familiar than debate. Measuring 5.28 meters tall, the G90 shows what Genesis means in terms of premium. In the long version of celebrities, powerhouses and K-Pop boy groups, the 90 even grows to 5.47 meters and therefore reaches the size of a Maybach S-Class.

Up front, a Korean cruiser with a style-defining radiator grille leaves no doubt as to which family it belongs to. Narrow headlights placed one above the other and two level indicators already illuminate the path that the Genesis will take visually.

In the future, all new Genesis will have a “double line design” with two parallel light strips that surround the car. The two lines meet again at the G90’s coupé-like rear end; under the flap there is a large gap that is generously divided – even for celebrities who are always visible.

Business class on board

A smooth wheelbase of 3.18 meters extends between the axles, which gives the idea that the interior is not too crowded. Even in the compact version, the rear is as airy and luxurious as one would expect from the rear seat. In the long-wheelbase version with a wheelbase of 3.37 meters, it is difficult to see the driver from a distance.

Once seated in the executive seat, the front passenger seat slides forward of course. The lounge (standard with Long Wheelbase) is like a leather-covered dinette with massage function, electrically adjustable backrest, plush cushion and also electrically extendable footrest. Airlines usually call this business class, which, however, does not adequately reflect the character of this unique segment.

The doors are opened and closed electrically to some extent, and the rear controller commands the entire court through his own touchpad, making life as pleasant as possible for him while traveling. All the way to the Bang & Olufsen head-up sound system, which, with a power of 1,700 watts, emits unmistakable sounds from 23 loudspeakers, as if the whole orchestra is sitting in the car. After two minutes of sound, goosebumps grow in your ears.

Buttons and buttons for important functions

You don’t really want to switch to forward, because the G90 definitely has music playing in the background. The position of the helmsman is no longer spartan. The Genesis also remains faithful to its classic front line and does not do without a lot of technical fuss in the form of large screens, like those built into Mercedes in the S-Class. The G90’s central monitor is always large enough and as transparent as the digital cockpit.

What is surprising is how many buttons and buttons Genesis distributes around the command center. All important functions can be selected directly and quickly. Conservative and smart. Not everything was worse before. The processing seems to be high quality, the hardware is high quality. Unfortunately, Genesis can also torture and re-enslave the skin until the final design is lost and looks like bad plastic. Asians don’t like animals in cars.

As its workhorse, Genesis opted for a 3.5-liter turbo six-cylinder from the Group’s modular system coupled with an eight-speed automatic transmission from ZF, which, however, is happy to leave the single-gear shift to others. one. Electric drives are not planned. In the short version, the petrol engine has an output of 280 kW/380 hp and in the long version 305 kW/415 hp. He owes more to a supercharger with 48 volts. This helps the stretch limo get up to speed quickly. After all, the G90 LWB we’re driving has to tow another 200kg at just over 2.3 tonnes.

Driving dynamics can still be improved

All-wheel drive is the same as air suspension or rear-wheel steering. Bacon of success that you can feel. In the absence of sports ambitions, the G90 takes fast corners with distinct calmness. There is no doubt that the seven, Audi A8s and S-Classes are quick on their feet and more alert when changing course.

Even if our test car was still on the road with the Korean configuration, one thing is certain: if you want to live in the lion’s den, the Genesis must be able to be measured and oriented towards the elegance and experience of the German luxury fleet there . terms of driving dynamics.

Xpeng now offers its flagship SUV, the G9, in four European countries.  (Photo: Xpeng)

When it comes to comfort, the G90 is already at eye level. As long as it goes straight, it’s a first-class model. Pamper that mutes stress like thick acoustic glass mutes wind noise. Traveling on four wheels could not be more comfortable, relaxing and luxurious; we have already mentioned: preferably the right back.

In Korea, this soul massage costs the equivalent of 64,700 euros, the purchase contract of the long version with zip and zapp is around 118,700 euros. When the G90 will come to us, which versions will be available and at what price, there is no certainty yet. That takes time. And time is known to be a luxury.

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