The Bentley Boys and England spirit for 24 Hours…

The Bentley Boys and England spirit for 24 Hours…

English and the 24 Hours of Le Mans is a story that begins in the first year with a car entered by Bentley. To see, he will finish fourth. Enthusiastic about this new adventure, Bentley returned the following year alone against all, the French competitors Duff and Clément went first under the checkered flag. Victory is blowing on the other side of the Channel. Britain’s young royals, many of whom served in the war, are looking for new challenges,

They want to be Bentley Boys. Alas in 1925 and 1926, the British workers will be defeated by Lorraine-Dietrich. In addition, the company faces financial problems and Woolf Barnato becomes the main shareholder. Playboy sportsman, heir to fortune, he is also a businessman. In 1927, Benjafield and Davis, after a hard race with the car restarted as best they could, following a huge animal pile-up at Maison-Blanche, made their old Bentley win.

That was all it took to convince Barnato to drive in 1928. After the epic duel with Stutz, Bentley went into the end of the race in the lead, but with a broken chassis. Barnato, to prevent fate, sings an English song from the Great War. The car held, Barnato and Rubin gave the Union Jack its third success at Le Mans. Something that is very much desired by the British public after this second victory in a row. They love the festive atmosphere that already prevails during the race. Even if the rillettes confuse them a little, it changes them from the leg of lamb with mint sauce.

However, the British will quickly consider that the 24 Hours is an oddly organized British race in France, you wouldn’t say.
In 1929, Bentley claimed four first places and in 1930, Barnato won for the third time.

But the stock market crash of 1929 caused sales of Select cars to decline and eventually Bentley Motors was bought at a reduced price by its competitor Rolls Royce.

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