The BMW 3 Series has undergone modernization.  Not all changes are incremental

The BMW 3 Series has undergone modernization. Not all changes are incremental

If you look at the modern 3 Series, no one will have a problem recognizing it, but if you look closely, a lot has changed. Let’s start with the bumper, which has a large air intake – larger than in the predecessor and surrounded by geometric shapes. The front lights are also completely new, they have lost the feature of infiltrating the center. Now they are much thinner, and their LED signature is still the double letter L, but compared to the 5 series, it is inverted.

There is little novelty at the back, but the lower bumper is attractive again. A particularly strong, black finish distinguishes the new 3 Series from its predecessor. In addition, the car received new systems of aluminum rims and new colors to choose from. In fact, the modification included a sedan and a station wagon.

When you sit behind the wheel of the new 3 Series, you’ll immediately notice that it’s a restyled version. This is due to the new iDrive 8 system, which is already known from other models of the brand. It includes two large screens – indicators (12.3 inches) and multimedia (14.9 inches), making one liquid and a small whole. A good change, of course, but with one reservation.

BMW, presenting this system for the first time in the electric iX, explained that in order to make it easier for drivers to drive, sometimes overwhelmed by the number of available tasks, they provided a climate panel for operation from the main screen. . For most people, however, the lack of physical bonds and show the difference will be less.

These changes also involved the redesign of the central air vents (previously there was a weather display between them), as well as the switches on the bottom. Fortunately, the new system still allows central dialing to be used, so the switch in the central tunnel remains unchanged. On the other hand, the gearbox lever is left and the role of the selector is played by a small switch. A manual gearbox is no longer available.

The 3-layer upgrade made no changes under the hood. There’s still a range of petrol, diesel and plug-in hybrids to choose from. Most are available with xDrive, i.e. with four-wheel drive.

Petrol versions:

  • 318i (156 hp)
  • 320i (184 hp)
  • 330i (245 hp)
  • M340i (374 hp)

Diesel versions:

  • 318d (150hp)
  • 320d (190hp)
  • 330d (286hp)
  • M340d (340 hp)

Plug-in combinations:

  • 320e (204 hp)
  • 330e (292 hp)

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