The BMW drove off.  Additional car accessories as part of … registration

The BMW drove off. Additional car accessories as part of … registration

BMW Connected Drive is one of the German automaker’s latest ideas on how to squeeze additional revenue from customers. Heated seats? Are you playing the engine sound from the speakers? Or maybe Apple CarPlay? You can buy everything … by subscription.

BMW was ahead of Mercedes in the race for customer money

A couple of days or so ago, we informed you about Mercedes’ idea of ​​selling additional car functions as part of a monthly subscription. According to many of our readers, this is it bad road to automotive developmentalthough it is good when it comes to producer income.

Shortly after this news, it turns out that BMW had the same idea. The producer just opened United Store, which also operates in Poland and allows owners bavari to buy additional digital services as part of the subscription. While Mercedes is testing its subscription-based functionality in Asia, BMW is already working with a similar service in European markets. As you can see, BMW has gone a little too far – Mercedes of course.

What can we buy at the BMW Connected Store and with what subscription?

Currently, the list of digital services to purchase is very extensive and may vary depending on the BMW model you have. When it comes to the type of purchase: all can be purchased as part of a subscription. Some services have to be paid annually, while others can be purchased for a short time, because with a monthly payment.

BMW Connected Drive

BMW allows you to return the car, among others, in … traffic light assistant for only PLN 40 per month380 PLN per year, 570 PLN for 3 years or 840 PLN for an indefinite period. What will we get as part of this amount? Well, the car will automatically turn on the high beam.

BMW Connected Drive

Those who own a BMW with a quiet exhaust sound and want to feel like they are in a sports car can, in turn, buy IconicSounds Sport – a function that emits engine sounds from the speakers inside the car. Here jhowever, BMW will not allow you to check functions for a monthbecause you have to pay PLN 680 once to use the function indefinitely.

There are more digital services in the BMW Connected Drive shop – and you can see the main ones in the images above. You can also yourself visit the store and see their prices.

All in all, BMW can be criticized a little, but it is also a little understandable

One of the good sides of the idea of ​​selling the performance of the car as part of the subscription is certainly the fact that the undecided can pay for the activation of the chosen option for a month and check if they need it. This, however, applies to those services that BMW allows you to purchase for such a short period of time.

The other side of the coin is that some features can only be purchased indefinitely. What used to be possible to buy as car accessories when ordering (and often negotiate an attractive price) now means that for each individual accessory you have to pay an additional monthly subscription.

I understand that the main goal of any company is to earn income, and selling the additional functionality of the car is perfectly compatible with this task. However, in the future we buy a “naked” car and pay a monthly subscription for all the additional functions that are attractive to the customer? Talk about it in the comments below, this section is for you.

Source: BMW