The BMW M2 CS (2024) looks pretty badass despite the camouflage

The BMW M2 CS (2024) looks pretty badass despite the camouflage

More spoilers ahead, more spoilers behind

Looking at M GmbH right now, you get the feeling that as many fan favorites as possible have to be released into the world before the big wave of power distribution. A new version of the iconic 3.0 CSL, the M4 CSL, is most recently the presentation of the new M3 CS and now it is clear that there will also be a successor to the M2 CS.

The “regular” variant of the second generation M2 (codename G87) was presented last October and entered the market a month ago. But when it comes to performance cars, there must always be more and better, and BMW is already busy testing a hot version of the M2, as these photos of a stealth model show.

The fact that this is the M2 CS is not set in stone, but it is quite possible. This becomes especially clear in the rear area, where the test car comes with an integrated “rump” spoiler on the tailgate. This feature was last seen on all CS variants. Additionally, this spoiler is currently not part of the M Performance parts, which are already widely available for the M2.

Among other things, you get a fixed rear wing and even a small roof spoiler, but this boot lid spoiler is more reminiscent of the M4 CSL. Which, in turn, is not available as a manual switch and the rumor mill is already bubbling that this may also be the case for the M2 CS.

It probably depends on the version of the S58 three-liter biturbo that you want to install there. However, we’re not going to rule out manual conversion, just because the predecessor’s take rate from 2020 was a staggering 50 percent.

According to rumors, the M2 CS can produce more than 500 hp. The standard M2 now has 460 horsepower. It can be assumed that it will be available again in limited numbers. For example, 2,200 of the predecessor M2 CS of the F87 generation were built.

Meanwhile, a few new colors have been mixed in for the G87. Pure Gray Frozen Metallic and Portimao Blue Frozen Metallic will be added to the color palette from summer.

We also hear that a new M4 CS is on the way. It could be launched in 2024. It should bring about the same changes as the M3 CS, which was presented earlier this year. Sources close to BMW have brought the M3 CS Touring to play, but nothing has been confirmed here yet. Apparently, the station wagon is already being tested at the Nürburgring. Pictures of Erlkönig may arrive soon.