the browser has support for all models

the browser has support for all models

The developer has released a new (unofficial) version of Apple CarPlay in Tesla. With this software update, more Tesla designs support the CarPlay browser. Would you like to try it on yourself? We tell you more!

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Gapiński: ‘CarPlay is possible in Tesla’

Polish software developer Michał Gapiński is fed up with the interface and operating system in Tesla cars. A few months ago, he built the Apple CarPlay in Tesla with a few Raspberry Pi (a kind of laptop) and some web devices.

He did this through Android Auto, hence the name Tesla Android Project† With an app on Android, he launched Apple CarPlay in a well-known electronic car. Now Gapiński has posted a new version online.

Now also a CarPlay browser on Tesla

By default, Tesla cars do not use Apple CarPlay. The Polish developer changed that. He has added many new features to CarPlay in Tesla’s browser and version 2022.25.1.

The Tesla Android project now supports all vehicles sold by Tesla. This update should make it easier for newer software to download software and turn on CarPlay in Tesla.

In addition to easy installation and support for all Tesla models, there are also a number of new cooling features and error correction available:

  • 60Hz reset rate. The picture is now moving better;
  • Apple Music will restart in a horizontal mode† Previously, this direction was not possible;
  • The app works as usual when loading while driving. Previously, CarPlay in Tesla could sometimes lead to bizarre mistakes;
  • Smooth out loud† Tesla’s browser CarPlay has audio enhancements.
Apple CarPlay

What is CarPlay and why bother with it?

Why go to all these problems to personalize your Telsa operating system? Actually, the great draw of CarPlay is its seamless iOS usage from your iPhone to the drive. More and more cars support CarPlay wireless. So you no longer need to connect with Bluetooth or connect the cable to your iPhone.

Although this version of CarPlay fans on the Tesla browser is impressive, there are still many areas for improvement. It is not nearly as reliable as Tesla itself supports this operating system from Apple. The Gapiński app is a step in the right direction for Teslas

Play for car Apple Tesla

iOS 16: CarPlay gained a prominent position in WWDC

Don’t you feel like playing with all kinds of codes and devices? Then wait a minute! During the WWDC 2022 keynote address, we were surprised by the new version of CarPlay.

Apple told WWDC that CarPlay is becoming more global in terms of new electric vehicles. Apple’s operating system will work for larger screen sizes. Will Apple compete with Tesla? Either way, we see many reasons for doing so.

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