The Bugatti Veyron from the Year of the Dragon is up for auction

The Bugatti Veyron from the Year of the Dragon is up for auction

Bugatti recently presented the exclusive Chiron Super Sport to celebrate this year the year of the dragon, the most important in Chinese culture and which occurs in 2024. The year of the dragon in China symbolizes (and wishes for) prosperity, strength, wisdom, luck. Such a privilege to own, own and drive a new Bugatti that is one of a kind in the world.

IN THE SIGN OF THE DRAGON. And speaking of the unique Bugatti in the world and the year of the dragon, it is worth recalling your memory with the grandfather of the last formidable 1,600 HP at once. We are talking about Veyron Grand Sport Wei Longa custom-built car with which, twelve years ago, Bugatti celebrated its special Chinese New Year.


WHITE. The most recurring themes in the Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Wei Long are twofold: dragons and porcelain. And the result, it must be admitted, is pleasant. While the current Chiron Super Sport boasts an exposed carbon red with an ice white interior, the Wei Long is less aggressive and more stylish thanks to its refined white porcelain design. A stark contrast to the ultra-luxurious red leather interior, decorated with brushed aluminum covers and various references to the Chinese calendar, is at the same time bold and chic.


LIVING ROOM 400 PER HOUR. Bugatti developed this Veyron model together with Germany’s KPM, one of the world’s most famous porcelain companies, combining everything with dragon vintage: the fuel cap, tank cap and covers have porcelain inserts and sculptures. of the dragon’s head, is sewn into the headrests dragon ideogram and between the seats appears decoration – again in porcelain – which shows the mythological animal so beloved of the East. The 20-inch front and 21-inch rear wheels are diamond-cut with red detailing, the brakes are carbon-ceramic and obviously Grand Sport, what’s unique is being able to travel in this luxurious living room. about 400 km / h and the air in your hair.


HE PULLED TO EUROPE, BUT ALMOST ALWAYS THE ENGINE IS OFF. The mechanics of this special Bugatti Veyron remain unchanged: 8.0 W16 quad-turbo engine with 1,001 horse power, all-wheel drive, seven-speed DSG gearbox, submarine torque, “0-100” in 2.7 seconds and a peak declared maximum. of 407 km / h with the roof installed (removing it the speed drops to 369 km / h). This unique model – all’asta su Collecting Cars and currently at 1,150,000 euros, still a low value – it has reached a large number of… 8,428 kilometers. In twelve years. Unfortunately we have seen worse. Wei Long was sold in Switzerland, then shipped to England and later registered in Monte Carlo, but if you can afford it you can also afford to buy a whole car office and rush the paperwork to delay…