The car of your dreams is finally for sale, it costs less than 15,000 euros: praise

The car of your dreams is finally for sale, it costs less than 15,000 euros: praise

Under 15,000 euros, it is truly a dream: here is a car that we can buy without spending a lot of money.

Good, good, fast, but sometimes it is better that they are also cheap. There are many requirements that new drivers look for in the car they buy, also because you cannot make mistakes. If the car, after seeing it and maybe testing it, will be the same for us, we will certainly not be happy if we can save a little. There are cars that are not very expensive, but are they accessible to everyone? Let’s see what’s out there today.

A dream car at an incredible price (

It is becoming increasingly difficult for some to buy a brand new car. Costs increase and not only about transportation and if cars are not cheap, surely few will think of wanting to buy one with zero kilometers. However, there are suitable possibilities even for those who want to spend less. We are talking about cars that would cost even less than 15 thousand euros, so below the Italian average. Obviously, we’re talking about a basic model here. Let’s see what it is or what it is.

Here is a dream car: it costs very little

Any options should be added, but these prices make those who want a new car that is also good and functional to rub their hands. Today, we find models of different brands at very affordable prices. Example, we’ll get there in a moment: the Dacha Sandero, a small SUV that is sporty but also large and comfortable, a choice for everyone. And above all, within reach of everyone, given that today in Italy it is sold exclusively 10,753 euros.

Otherwise we can choose a smaller car. Easy, especially for parking and driving around town, the Kia Picanto it is a very popular model in Italy, since the release of the very first version. Again, a good price, that is 13,650 euros. Or, always on the example of a small and comfortable car for an updated car, we also have the latest version of Hyundai i10very similar price in fact, ie 14,050 euros.

Dacia Sandero ( – ​​Capture the image)

And so, we realize that we can buy cars with less than 15 thousand euros, and even good ones. But that’s not all, because if we wanted to get a little closer to that figure, we could bring home more. There Renault Twingofor example, it costs here, 14,527 euros. Italian cost of new Fiat Panda and of 14,700 euros, while still, if we want to exceed the figure mentioned above, but without going too far, we have two examples. And 15,803 euroswe could drive the same car Dacia Dusterwhile we set aside a little more, we were going to spend 16,477 euros in a new style Renault Clio. There are many very good and reliable models that you can buy, without necessarily spending more than expected.