The CEO of Volkswagen does not like the ID. Concept of Life: the designer is punished

The CEO of Volkswagen does not like the ID. Concept of Life: the designer is punished

Remember ID. Concept of lifeelectric city car model shown onIAA mobility Of Monk inside of 2021? Here, if you remember, you have a memory of iron, as it has almost disappeared since then. And maybe now we understand why. Local sources claim that the brand Volkswagen replaces the structure head Josef Kaban and head of Bentley design, Andreas Mindt. By the nature of this option, it seems that you, ID.Life. Than for someone who lives on the top floor he didn’t like it. He, but not only him.

Jozef Kaban, (former) head of Volkswagen design

PAYMENT Reporting the news is Autobilwochesister publication of European Car News in the German language. Autobilwoche he argues that Mindt will assume his new role later February 1 and that – according to anonymous sources – the CEO of Volkswagen Thomas Schaefer would consider the replacement necessary from then on dissatisfaction with some of Kaban’s designs. He will be given a new role elsewhere in the Volkswagen Group. Among the projects charged, therefore, ID. Concept of Life.

VW ID.  Concept of Life

VW ID. Concept of Life


RE-DO ID.Life was supposed to represent the main type of electric utility vehicle ed the entry level of the identity layer.and is scheduled to debut on the market 2025. But it seemed to Schaefer not modern enough, and Kaban had to turn his hand to the project. ID.Life, but not only: Schaefer would show very little enthusiasm even in front of future drafts. electric flagidentified until now with the slogan The Trinity Project: Wolfsburg’s number one would dictate the design team discard the sedan and design a crossoverthat is why Project Trinity is also behind schedule.

VW Project Trinity: still a draft

VW Project Trinity: still a draft

TO SAVE Kaban paid for several unsuccessful cars, however his time as head of Volkswagen’s Fashion Center was, on closer inspection, not entirely fruitful. Volkswagen ID. Buzz it’s his job and it’s a project unanimously praised combining modernity and futurism, with retro stylistic hints. Kaban is also praised for being part of a team that worked Bugatti Veyron, something that will surely stay with him forever. In turn, the heir mind he has dealt with it in the past golf 7, one of the most popular Volkswagen models of recent years. Hard to say how much Volkswagen’s design language will change upcoming projects. Mindt, that is for sure, bears the responsibility of justice.

Andreas Mindt, Volkswagen's new head of design

Andreas Mindt, Volkswagen’s new head of design